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Ascend IUB's History

Ascend Indiana University Bloomington is founded in 2010, as the local chapter of Ascend, the premier nation-wide professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians. ASCEND provides lifelong support to our members' careers and personal growth, with events and programs benefiting undergraduate members and executive level alumni alike.

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Hannah Lim



Kevin Chen



Ethan Teo

Vice President of External


Seowon Choi

Vice President of Internal


ll Young Chun

Vice President of Professional Development


Hui Li

Vice President of Performance Improvement


Claudia Gunawan

Vice President of Finance


Evelyn Liu

Vice President of Information Technology

Our Reach

Ascend Indiana University Bloomington's Alumni and current members have built a network of connections across the United States. Leading as exemplary examples of the quality students that the Kelley School of Business produces each year.

Our Committees

External [EXT]

The external committee develops and maintains strong relationships with partner firms and organizations. We provide invaluable networking and professional development opportunities to Ascend members, and refer outstanding young leaders to empower growth in our professional partners' businesses.

Internal [INT]

The internal committee utilizes in-school resources to provide members more opportunity for their future professional careers and their social network. Those resources may include UCSO, other organizations, and librarians. Our goal is to provide young leaders to learn their professional skills through the events and create a better community, which will generate better social network. Welcome to Ascend!

Professional Development [PD]

Exclusive Professional Development is responsible for promoting programs enhancing Ascend members' business professionalism. Two programs are run by this committee: Professional Development Program and Case Workshop (CW). Professional Development Program seeks to enhance students’ personal and professional development by introducing a variety of essential business skills. CW aims to get you ahead on case competitions; it provides challenging yet rewarding case workshops that develop participants’ analysis, teamwork, and presentation skills. 

Performance Improvement [PI]

As a strategic catalyst in Ascend, we are dedicated to the quality member experiences delivered with strong inspiration, great aspiration, individual success, and Ascend spirit. Our core mission and competency is developing, supporting and improving programs and events that add value to Ascend members by gathering and analyzing member data and feedback. 

Information Technology [IT]

The IT committee is the backbone of the entire organization. It is responsible for numerous aspects that range from, database and website management to marketing and outreach. Beyond the traditional view, we're helping Ascenders to have a place to learn, to connect with Ascend’s overarching network.

Finance [FIN]

The finance committee initiates and organizes the fundraising events to support daily operation of Ascend. We monitor the organization’s financial records and create of accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements for the board. Our mission is to help Ascend more efficient from financial perspective.

Our Programs
The Ascend Indiana University Bloomington Chapter has numerous programs for its official members to participate in ranging from professional development, case skills, mentorship, and information technology.

Exclusive Development Program

The Exclusive Development Program (EDP) has been designed to equip you on with the most essential professional skills so you may succeed in your future internship and career. We provide great services and activities such as resume critique and mock interviews. Moreover, we offer a wide range of connections not just in Ascend but with other business organizations in Kelley School of Business as well. If you want to be prepared for the business world please apply for EDP!

Case Workshop Program

Case Workshop (CW) has been designed to teach better business case analysis and solution skills. From this semester, we will target to get involved into real case competitions (held by various companies: The Big 4, Accenture, etc) at the end of the program. It won't teach you how to look a big picture of the case, rather it will teach you how to focus on specific portions of the bigger picture and view the problem in different points of view in order to reach the ideal solution. If you want to know more about the business case, or prepare for the case interview or the competition, apply for CW!

Mentor and Mentee Program

Mentor and Mentee Program (M&M) is an exclusive 1-on-1 business professional program from Ascend. Once selected into the M&M program, each mentee will be assigned to a specific mentor who generally is a senior or graduate student and have rich experience in career development and academic advancement. M&M program is aimed at assisting mentees to strengthen professional abilities in many respects, including, but not limited to, resume building, career fair tips, interview preparation, and internship suggestions. In addition to those benefits brought by mentors, mentees can also join in our social lunch/dinner to make friends with other mentees and mentors. You will learn more about professionalism and receive friendly help from the Mentor and Mentee Program!