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Indiana University Bloomington

REU Application

This year's program will run from May 23 - July 30, 2016. Participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate students during the REU program, and they must not attend classes or hold outside employment during the term of their internships. Students who are members of groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences are particularly encouraged to apply. Students with disabilities are also encouraged to apply, but they should contact CISAB to discuss their specific needs with the program directors.

To apply, please complete and submit the form below and make arrangements to send us a PDF of your transcript (need not be official) and two letters of recommendation, also as PDF files, to

Please note that program participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its possessions. Those who will have completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree before June 2016 are NOT eligible to apply.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2016 REU Program.
The APPLICATION DEADLINE for the 2016 program was MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2016.

Application Date: October 28, 2016



(Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or Permenant Residents)

Current Address

Permanent (Parents') Address



Please have two individuals familiar with your academic or research work email letters of recommendation for you to

Enter their names and contact information below.

Reference #1

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Future Plans

After graduation, do you plan to continue work towards:

Do you have further details on your plan?

Research Experience

Briefly summarize, in a single paragraph, your research experience or other relevant training. Research experience is not required for an internship, though it can be helpful.

Personal Goals

Briefly explain why you are seeking a summer internship with our Animal Behavior Program and how this will help you attain your academic/career goals.

Research Topic

Please explore our faculty listings and abstracts of former REU projects and provide the names, in order, of three mentors you would like to work with.

Please provide a short summary of your areas of interest and how they relate to these faculty, or write a brief description of the research area you would like to focus on. The program will attempt to match interns with their preferred projects, but individual assignments will ultimately be determined by the availability of mentors and resources.

Additional Information (Optional)

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Demographics (Optional)

One important goal of the REU Program is to encourage research participation of individuals from groups underrepresented in science. Please check ALL categories that apply to you.

Special Considerations:

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Survey Question (Optional)

How did you hear about us? Please check all categories that apply to you:

Once you have completed this form, submit your application below. If you do not receive a confirmation email in the next few minutes, please contact us.

Don't forget to send an unofficial copy of your transcript and two letters of recommendation, all as PDF files, to