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Uzbek Language at Indiana University

Welcome to the Central Eurasian Studies Department and to the IU Uzbek Program!

UzbekistanLocated in the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan was a historic center of empires, education, and trade. The cities of Uzbekistan -- Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, and Tashkent -- are symbols of oriental beauty and mystery. These ancient cities of Uzbekistan were hubs on the ancient Silk Road, the famous trading route between China and the West.

27 million people live in Uzbekistan on land about the size of California. Uzbekistan is the second largest exporter of cotton after the U.S. and has rich natural recourses: natural gas, oil, gold, copper, uranium, and others. Uzbekistan is a strategically important country in Central Asia.  The land is famous for its orchards, melons, vineyards, and traditional cuisine. The students and others who visit Uzbekistan once will definitely love to visit it again! (Find out more about Uzbekistan here).

UzbekistanThe Uzbek language belongs to the Turkic language group and is spoken by over 30 million people. Most Uzbek speakers live in Uzbekistan, but others live in neighboring Central Asian republics and northern Afghanistan. Uzbek is an easy language to read, write, and speak. The new Uzbek Latin alphabet (more or less the same as English) was introduced in 1995 and a ll Uzbek Latin characters exist on the standard computer keyboard. Introductory Uzbek students use the Latin alphabet and at end of the first week they are able to speak and write introductory information about themselves. The Cyrillic Uzbek Alphabet is also taught towards the end of the Introductory and in the higher levels. There are only six cases and there is no gender or complicated grammar constructions in Uzbek. Uzbek has many Arabic, Persian, and Russian loanwords. Taking Uzbek language you will also learn about Uzbek history and Uzbekistan’s unique culture and traditions. It is the gateway to Central Asia!

IU’s Central Eurasian Studies Department is the only department in the U.S. that offers four levels of Uzbek. Introductory and Intermediate are during the academic year and during summer. Uzbek courses are also taught in distance to other universities. In this academic year, the Introductory and Intermediate Uzbek courses have been taught to the University of Iowa, Michigan State University, and Ohio State University. Advanced and ADLS (Advanced Direct Language Study) Uzbek courses are also available.

The small classes, individual attention, fun atmosphere, effective teaching materials, scholarship opportunities for further study and conducting research abroad will help you learn the language well and could help your future career.

Sign up now for Fall or inquire further at Central Eurasian Studies, Goodbody 157, 855-2233 or