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Isabelle Darcy


Contact Information

Office: Memorial Hall 301
Office phone: (812) 855-0033

Second Language Psycholinguistics Lab:

Lab phone: 812-856-1362

Research Interests

Second language phonology and processing; acquisition of phonology; accent; speech perception; word recognition.

Personal Statement

Isabelle Darcy is associate professor of Second Language Psycholinguistics in the Department of Second Language Studies. After completing a Franco-German Master's Degree in German and Romance Linguistics and Literature (for French and Spanish), she obtained a Ph.D. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris (France) and from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany), for which she has been awarded an Outstanding Dissertation Award from the University of Mainz. She has worked as a postdoctoral research and teaching associate at the Universities of Potsdam and of Tübingen (Germany).

Isabelle Darcy's research in second language phonology emerges from the intersection of different disciplines in the general domain of cognitive sciences: Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics and Linguistics. Her research focuses on the mechanisms and architecture underlying phonological processing and phonological acquisition - be it the native or a second language, adults or children, simultaneous or successive bilinguals; her work integrates different methods of investigation from speech perception and production, lexical access and word recognition. Her lab’s (Second Language Psycholinguistics) research program covers all domains of phonology and how they are acquired and represented in the bilingual's mind: the individual sounds, but also more abstract levels like the syllable or sound combinations, higher-level dimensions like prosody and rhythm, and variability. At the moment, she is particularly interested in understanding how phonological knowledge interacts with word recognition and word encoding in a second language, and in the factors underlying individual differences in L2 acquisition of phonology.

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