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Chinese Tidings Lecture Series

Chinese Tidings is an annual series of lectures presented entirely in Chinese. Offered to stimulate discussions on a range of topics while forstering cultural literacy and language skills, the series is open to native speakers of Chinese, students of the language, and even those with no proficiency, since simultaneous summary translations are provided throughout the lectures by Flagship students.

Chinese Tidings is another activity sponsored by the IU Center for Chinese Language Pedagogy and the IU Chinese Flagship Centers to increase opportunities for authentic interaction in Chinese.


2010/2011 Lecture Series

Cross-Strait Marriages in a Changing Cross-Strait Political Environment

Professor Sara Friedman - 04/21/2011


China, The Global Economic Crisis, and the East Asian Developmental Model

Professor Ho-fung Hung - 02/17/2011


An Analysis of the Characteristics, Trends, and Economic Impact of China's Anti-Dumping Activity

Ph.D Student Edwin Darlington Way - 01/20/2011


Linguistic Issues in Chinese-English Translations: The Case of Relative Clauses

Professor Chien-Jer Charles Lin - 11/11/2010


Tension, Transformation, and Transcendance: A Brief Discussion about Traditional Chinese Love Stories

Professor Manling Luo - 09/14/2010