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Interview: Kinsey Institute Director Sue Carter on Bringing Fresh Perspective to the Institute
KI Director Sue Carter talks about her research focus on relationships and its impact on the Kinsey Institute.

2016 John Money Fellowship Awarded
We are pleased to announce the 2016 John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology has been jointly awarded to Ruby Daily of Northwestern University and Demetrios Psihopaidas of the University of Southern California. Read more about this year's fellows and their research »

Dr. John Gagnon 1931-2016
Dr. John Gagnon was a major intellectual force in the sociology of sex, responsible with William Simon for the theory of sex scripting, and a staff member of the Institute for Sex Research under director Paul Gebhard from 1959-68. Read about Dr. Gagnon's 2009 visit to the Kinsey Institute »

Kinsey Institute Newsletter Winter 2016 Edition
New research from Kinsey Institute scientists, the inaugural CAHI/Kinsey Institute fellow, our valued volunteers, The Danish Girland more »

New Research Tracks Links Between Inflammation, Sexual Activity and Ovulation
KI researchers Dr. Tierney Lorenz and Dr. Virginia Vitzthum working with a sample of Bolivian women tracked markers for heart disease risk and found dramatic changes over the ovulation cycle in sexually active premenopausal women. Published in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health »

Dr. Stephanie Sanders Named IU Provost Professor
Dr. Sanders was selected for achieving local, national and international distinction in both teaching and research. Read more »

KI Director Interview on Love & Mate Choice
Dr. Sue Carter joined Lisa Cantrell's "An Inexact Science" podcast to talk about romantic love and mate choice. Listen to the podcast here »

New Study Suggests Condoms Not the Cause of Erection Difficulties
Men in the study having erection problems with condoms exhibited other erection difficulties as well. Investigators also found that more than one-third of participants had never been taught how to use a condom correctly. Journal of Sexual Medicine, DOI:10.1111/jsm.12964

Blood Marker May Identify Risk of Postpartum Depression
KI Director Dr. Sue Carter is part of a research team that has identified a blood marker that may help clinicians identify which new mothers are at highest risk of developing postpartum depression (PPD).

Is the Romantic Kiss a Human Universal?
Dr. Justin Garcia and co-authors found less than half of cultures surveyed participate in romantic–sexual kissing. The more socially complex the culture, the higher frequency of kissing. Read the study »

SCAM ALERT: Fake Studies Listed on CraigsList
We have been contacted by several people about ads appearing on CraigsList claiming to be for studies run by the Kinsey Institute. This is NOT a legitimate Kinsey Institute study. If you run across this ad, please flag it and report it to CraigsList. We strongly suggest you do NOT contact the advertisers or provide them with any personal information. If you ever have a question about a Kinsey Institute study, you can contact us at kinsey@indiana.edu, or find study listings on our website at KinseyInstitute.org/research

KI Presents Podcasts Available on iTunes and IU Podcast
You can now find all the "KI Presents: Conversations with Sex Researchers" podcasts through the iTunes store, or through the Indiana University podcast service, IU Podcasts. Search for "kinsey institute" or "kinsey institute presents."

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