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ERIC Tutorial: An Introduction to Searching ERIC on Ebsco

Eric Tutorial This tutorial has been designed to introduce you to searching the ERIC Ebsco database available to IU Bloomington students, faculty and staff. For further information on searching ERIC use the Ebsco Help function and review the Help Contents.

The tutorial modules are designed to be completed in less than 1 hour and should be completed in sequence. Please note that the tutorial operates independently of the ERIC database. After following the tutorial instructions you must click on CONTINUE to proceed with the tutorial.

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Introduction to ERIC

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a part of the U.S. Department of Education's National Library of Education. ERIC is a federally funded, nationwide network that provides information and services on education related issues. ERIC is comprised of 16 ERIC Clearinghouses, 11 Adjunct Clearinghouses, ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS), an ERIC Processing and Reference Facility, and ACCESS ERIC.

The ERIC database originated in 1966 and is the most comprehensive education database available. It is comprised of citations and abstracts of over 950,000 documents and journal articles. The documents include: lesson plans, conference papers, books, government reports and a variety of other materials. ERIC indexes over 900 journals. Some are entirely indexed while others are indexed on a selective basis. For more information you may access the ERIC web site:

The Education Library owns all of the ERIC documents made available by EDRS. The documents are in microfiche format and located in the center of the library. Microfiche readers and printers are available for your use. If EDRS did not obtain copyright permission to copy one of the indexed documents it will not be available on microfiche. This usually happens if the item is a book that has been indexed. In this case you should check IUCAT to see if the book is available in one of the libraries.

The documents from 1993-present are also available on-line.

The Education Library subscribes to approximately 400 journals, so all journals indexed in the ERIC database will not be available on the Bloomington campus. The library will provide needed material through an interlibrary loan service if it is not available on campus.

Over 400 ERIC journal titles are available on-line.

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