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Subject Cataloging
Guidelines for Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet republics

How to determine subject usage for Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet republics

  1. Look at the publication date:
      pre-1917 -- subject is Russia
      pre-1992 -- subject is Russia and/or Soviet Union (see 2)
      1992 and after -- Russia, Soviet Union and/or Former Soviet republics (continue with 2>
  2. If the book is published after 1917, use the publication date and subject.
      If the subject is historical and deals explicitly with the pre-1917 Russian Empire, e.g. the history of Russia during Peter the Great, always use Russia.

      Russia--History--Peter I, 1689-1725; Soviet Union--History--1939-1945
      Soviet Union--History--Peter I, 1689-1725; Russia--History--1939-1945
      also not
      Philosophy, Medieval--Soviet Union
      Holy Roman Empire--Foreign relations--Soviet Union.

    If the book deals with a non-historical subject, use the date of publication to determine the geographical subdivision; e.g. a book about birds of the former Soviet republics:
      published pre-1917:
      published 1917-1991: Birds--Soviet Union
      published 1992 and after: Birds--Former Soviet republics

    Many times, subjects must be doubled or tripled: e.g. a general history of agriculture in the Former Soviet republics published in 1992:
    Agriculture--Soviet Union--History.
    Agriculture--Former Soviet republics--History.

  3. If the subject deals with a local place, Russia, Soviet Union and Former Soviet republics are never used because of the latest name provision. All local subdivision practice goes through the country.
    See: Headings for the Republics of the Former Soviet Union

    The following heading is valid:
    Birds--Russia (Federation)--Moscow
    Birds--Soviet Union--Moscow
    Birds--Russian S.F.S.R.--Moscow
    Birds--Former Soviet republics--Moscow

  4. Commonwealth of Independent States is a corporate body and is never used as a geographic subdivision.
See also: Geographic Area Codes: Special Cases for Russia
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