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"Medieval Globalisms: Movement in the Global Middle Ages"

8-9 April 2016

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cecily Hilsdale, Dept. of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

Registration and all panels will take place in Wylie Hall 015

Friday, 8 April

2.00 pm — Registration

2.30 - 4 pm — Theorizing the Global
Moderator: Rosemarie McGerr (Professor, Comparative Literature, Indiana University; Director, Medieval Studies Institute)

  • "Conceptions of Space in Spanish Travel Narratives from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period," Karen Daly, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and the Convenor of the Spanish Studies Program, University of Wollongong (Australia)
  • "Nicholas of Cusa and the Ethical Underpinnings of Globalism," Justin Willson, Ph.D. student, Princeton, Department of Art and Archeology
  • "Picturing the World from Santa Maria Novella," Anna Majeski, Ph.D. student, New York University, Art History

4.15 - 6.15 pm — Material Culture: Objects and Spaces
Moderator: Jennifer Lee (Associate Professor, Art History, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)

  • "The Past in the Present, the Foreign as Familiar: Memory and Memorialization at Ely Cathedral in the Twelfth Century," Katherine Weikert, Lecturer in Early Medieval European History, The University of Winchester (UK)
  • "'By the Strength of Eternal Heaven, and edict of the Khan': A Mongol Tethered to the Landscape," Khaled Malas, Ph.D. student, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts
  • "The Pilgrim's Badge: Rivers, Bells, and the Flow of Sacred Matter," Chloé M. Pelletier, Ph.D. student, University of Chicago, Department of Art History
  • "How to Survive Six Weeks of Herring: The Creative Use of Imported Foods in Medieval European Lenten Cuisine," Mathilde Lind, MA student, Indiana University, Folklore Department

7 pm — Readers Circle Banquet
Federal Room, IMU
please email MEST to RSVP

Saturday, 9 April

Registration, panels, and the keynote address will take place in Wylie Hall 015

10.30 - 12 noon — Negotiating Gender and Identity
Moderator: Dr. Arwen Taylor (Visiting Lecturer, Indiana University)

  • "Reforming Lay Masculinity in an Age of Crusade and Penitential Warfare," Connor Kelly, Ph.D. student, Queen's University (Canada), Department of History
  • "'To Be Praised with Foreign Words': Nicholas Kallikles' Epitaph for the sebastos Roger and the Integration of Norman Chiefs into Byzantine Elite under Alexios I Komnenos," Luisa Andriollo, Postdoctoral Fellow at Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, Princeton University
  • "'The Purchasing Power of a Batman and Assorted Monsters': Comparing Representations of Peoples Encountered in Afanasy Nikitin and John Mandeville's Journeys East," Emerson Storm Fillman Richards, Ph.D. student, Indiana University, Department of Comparative Literature

1.30 - 3 pm — Negotiating Gender and Identity
Moderator: Natalie Dawn Levin (PhD Candidate, History Department, Indiana University)

  • "Knowledge in the Edges of the World: The Monster and the Author in Libro del conosçimiento," Luis Miguel dos Santos, Ph.D. student, University of Michigan, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • "'A Thousand Years of Desolation': The Destruction of the World According to a Medieval Jewish Thinker" Guadalupe González Diéguez, Assistant Professor in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and Jewish Studies, Indiana University
  • "'Migration, geographical knowledge, and cross-confessional interpretations of the apocalypse in the legends of Alexander, Gog and Magog, and the Lost Tribes of Israel," Patrick Naeve, Ph.D. student, Cornell University, Medieval Studies

3.15 - 4.45 pm — Ideas on the Move
Moderator: Karma Lochrie (Professor of English, Indiana University)

  • "Zoological Descriptions and Authorial Intent: A Brief Study of Chronicles Written By Medieval Europeans in the New World," Kyrie Miranda, Ph.D. student, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • "Rethinking the Impact of Arabic Aristotelianism in Europe" Rega Wood, Professor of Philosophy, Indiana University
  • "The Crossing Over: The Medieval Christian making of Averroes" Coeli Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Grand Valley State University

5 - 6.30 pm — Keynote Address
Cecily Hilsdale (Associate Professor of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University)
"Worldliness in Byzantium and Beyond: Medieval mondialisation"

7 - 9 pm — Keynote Reception
State Rooms East and West, IMU
featuring an early instruments demonstration and petting zoo
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The Symposium is sponsored by: The Medieval Studies Institute of Indiana University and the following Departments and Programs: Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages & Cultures, English, French & Italian, History, Musicology, Renaissance Studies, and Spanish and Portuguese.

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