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Indiana University Japanese Language Department インディアナ大学ブルーミントン日本語科

Welcome to the Indiana University Japanese Language Program Website

What you can expect from our program

Students who have completed the two-year language requirement should be able to function in daily situations in Japan. By the end of the third year (required for majors), students will be able to start to handle authentic materials. By the end of the fourth year, students are expected to have confidence when handling any modern materials.

Student Organizations and Activities

Japanese/English Conversation Table (JECT)

Japanese/English Conversation Tables Member Image

The EALC Japanese Program and the IU Intensive English Program (IEP) have created a new opportunity for Japanese language learners to converse with fellow learners and native Japanese speakers. Since the fall of 2009 the Japanese/English Conversation Table (JECT) has been meeting weekly. In 2016-2017, JECT will meet every Friday from 4:00 to 5:30pm in Global and International Studies Building, room 1106.

Japanese Conversation Club (JCC)

JCC is a very active student-initiated conversation club. Each week students of all levels gather for a brown-bag lunch at the International Center. Advanced Japanese language students help beginning-level students with their language study, and advanced speakers enjoy conversations with native speakers. For more information about JCC, visit the Office of International Services’ web site.

Japanese Student Association (JSA)

JSA membership includes native speakers of Japanese, students involved in Japanese studies and those who have strong interest in Japan. They are active and have various programs throughout the year.

JSA Facebook Page

Japanese Anime and Culture Club (Anime Club)

The Japanese Animation and Culture Club's purpose is to bring together people with similar interests regarding Japanese Culture and or Japanese Animations (Anime). Our aim is to bring these people together and create an enjoyable atmosphere in which we all can freely talk about our interests regarding Japanese culture and Anime.

Anime Club Facebook Page

Sports Clubs

Various clubs at IU practice Japanese martial arts, such as Aikido, Karate, and Judo.

Aikido Club Facebook Page
Judo Club Facebook Page

Miscellaneous Information

Japanese Computing

Most Indiana University PCs and Macs are Japanese language capable, and students can e-mail in Japanese and view web materials written in Japanese. Some class assignments can be done through the Internet.

Asian Culture Center

The Asian Culture Center presents lectures that deal with various issues related to Japan. It also provides opportunities for language tutoring and volunteering to share Japanese culture with people in the community.

JET Program and Teaching English in Japan Program

Each year some of our graduating students apply to the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). The JET Program is sponsored by the Japanese government. Participants work in local offices or schools in Japan. Some of our graduates also participate in the Teaching English in Japan Program sponsored by Earlham College.

Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter (JNHS-CC)

The Japanese National Honor Society College Chapter was established by the Association of Teachers of Japanese to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and excellence in Japanese language study. All graduating seniors with an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.5 in Japanese language courses are eligible to apply. The application fee is $15 per student. If you are eligible and graduating in December 2016, you must contact Misako Matsubara by October 25, 2016.

Japanese Language Program News

  • Japanese Movie Night

    Japanese Movie Night: Ju-on: The Grudge"
    October 28, Friday, 7:00pm @ GA 0001
  • Japanese Language Program Facebook & Twitter

    We are now available on Facebook and Twitter! Like/Follow us!
  • 2014-2015 Japanese National Honor Society - College Chapter

    Two graduating seniors, Alexander Bement and Francine Critchlow, were inducted into the Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) in December. The JNHS was established by the Association of Japanese Teachers to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and excellence in Japanese language study.
  • 2013-2014 Japanese National Honor Society-College Chapter

    IU Visit The EALC department has nominated five graduating seniors for membership in the Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS). The JNHS was established by the Association of Japanese Teachers to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and excellence in Japanese language study. The inductees for 2013-2014 JNHS-CC are Calley Ault, Bryn Schweda, Bree Storey, Molly Watanabe and Lindsey Wilson.


  • Annual JNHS High School Student Visit to IU Bloomington

    IU Visit10 Japanese language students from IU were paired with Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) students from Bloomington High School (BHS) North for the annual JNHS High School Student Visit to IU. The November visit not only familiarizes JNHS students with IU’s Japanese Program and postsecondary Japanese language education in general, but also provides IU students an opportunity to mentor and practice the language with talented high school Japanese language students. IU students share their experiences studying Japanese at the college-level with the honor society students, take them to Japanese classes, and show them around campus. This year participants gathered at a Japanese restaurant to have lunch together, where they also met Misako Matsubara, the IU Japanese Program senior lecturer, Keiko Kuriyama, assistant professor and IU Japanese Language Program coordinator, and Molly Jeon, Japanese and ESL teacher at BHS North.
  • Business Japanese Course Mock Job Interview leads to Real Job Offer

    IU Visit Nic Newby, a graduate student in the School of Education and former J313 Business Japanese student, was recently hired by Mirwec Film Inc., a Japanese owned company located in Bloomington. As one of their final course projects this past spring, students in J313 participated in a mock job interview conducted by two employees from Mirwec. After the moc interview, Mirwec invited Nic to come in for a real interview, which eventually led to a real job offer. Nic has completed four Japanese courses at IUB (J301, J302, J313 and J401). He will start working at the company after he graduates from IU in December.
  • J313 Business Japanese Students Visit Film Company in Bloomington

    IU Visit

    Students in J313 visited Mirwec Film, Inc. in Bloomington during the spring of 2012. Located at 601 Liberty Drive, the company manufactures capacitor grade films. After taking a tour of the facilities, students listened to a presentation by company CEO and president, Yoshinari Yasui. Mr. Yasui travels from Japan once a month to visit his Bloomington company.