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<L643  "Advanced Syntax" Student presentations>  

April 21 (R)

Place:     BH 314

[1]  2:30-2:55

Yina Ma
"Negative Raising in Mandarin Chinese"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Hai Hu
"A preliminary analysis of non-core arguments in Chinese"

April 26 (T)

Place:     BH 314

[1]  2:30-2:55

Ian Michalski
"Doing verbs to things: Accounting for an innovative re-analysis of bilingual Spanish/Maya light verbs in Yucatan Spanish"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Narges Namatollahi
"Structure of Serial Verb Constructions in Persian"

[3]  3:20-3:45

Kenneth Steimel
"Merge-path based extraction: a re-analysis of the facts of barrier theory"

April 28 (R)

Place:     BH 314

[1]  2:30-2:55

Patricia McDonough
"Applicatives in Kihehe"

[2]  2:55-3:20

Yilmaz Koylu
"Syntactic positions of pre-verbal bare nouns and indefinite singular NPs in Turkish"


<L490/590  "Linguistic Structure of Japanese" Student presentations #2>  (Syntax/Semantics/Pragmatics)

April 21 (R)

BH 314

[1]  1:00-1:35

Katie Blake, Grace Klimek, Edie Moon & Yuhui Tang
"Noun Classes & Numeral Classifiers of Japanese, Chinese, & Swahili"

[2]  1:40-2:15

Sam Douglass, CeCe Theberge & Zac Wampler
"A Coomparative Analysis of Empty Categories in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, AAVE and Japanese" (Tentative)

April 26 (T)

BH 314

[1]  1:00-1:35

Anson Kiraly & Matt Taylor
"Comparison between Japanese and German Scrambling"

[2]  1:40-2:15

Yue Chen & Yina Ma
"Nominal Structure and Scrambling: Comparative Study of Japanese and Chinese"


< Conference Presentation >

Yoshihisa Kitagawa & Shinichiro Ishihara
"Phonetic Properties of Nuclear Prominence in Japanese: Invariability and Variation"

Prosody and Information Structure in Stuttgart

Time: March 22, 2016 (Tu) 2 - 2:30pm
Place: Universität Stuttgart

<L490/590  "Linguistic Structure of Japanese" Student presentations #1>  (Phonetics/Phonology/Morphology)

March 1 (T)


[1]  1:00-1:25

Katie Blake, Grace Klimek & Edie Moon

"Diachronic phonological change in French and Japanese:
a comparative analysis"

[2]  1:25-1:50

Anson Kiraly, Matthew Taylor & Cecilia Theoberge

"Diachronic Germanic and Japanese Lenition Patterns"

[3]  1:50-2:15

Samuel Douglass, Yuhui Tang & Zachary Wampler

"Phonological realization of English loanwords in Japanese"

March 3 (R)


[1]  1:00-1:25

Yue Chen

"A phonological analysis of Sokuon: Where does it happen?"

[2]  1:30-1:55

Yina Ma

"The mystery ofち in Chinese-speaking L2 learners of Japanese"





To appear "Morphosyntax at LF," MIT Working Papers in Linguistics.

To appear "Interfacing Syntax with Sounds and Meanings," Handbook of Japanese Syntax, Mouton de Gruyter, Pp. 52.

2014 "On the Interaction of Rendaku with Fortition and Lenition," Poster presentation at Formal Approach to Japanese Linguistics 7, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics & International Christian University.

2014 "Avoiding Look-ahead and Look-across," Mayfest 2014, University of Maryland.

2013 "Uttering and Interpreting Trees," English Linguistics 30.1.

2013 Special Issue: Prosody at the Grammatical Crossroads — Japanese and Beyond
Guest Edited by Yoshihisa Kitagawa & Satoshi Tomioka, Lingua 124.

2013 Kitagawa, Yoshihisa, Katsuo Tamaoka and Satoshi Tomioka, "Prosodic Matters in
Intervention Effects in Japanese: An Experimental Study," Lingua 124.

2013 Yoon, Junghyoe and Yoshihisa Kitagawa, "Case Drop from Fragment Answers in
Korean," Penn Working Papers in Linguistics, 19.1.

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