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Articles at the Media/Reserves Library
Unit 2
Hebdige, Dick. 1987. "Rap and Hip Hop:  The NY Connection." In Cut 
‘n’ Mix: Culture, Identity and Caribbean Music. London & New York: 
Routledge, 136-148.

Unit 5
Salaam, Mtume ya. 1995. "The Aesthetics of Rap." In African
American Review. 29 (2): 303-315.

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Late 1980s:  The ‘Word’ as Cultural Signifier." The Midwest 
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Unit 6
Henderson, Errol A. 1996. "Black Nationalism and Rap Music." 
Journal of Black Studies. 26(3): 308-339.

Unit 9
Combs, Sean. 1997. "Bad Boy:  An Open Letter from Sean ‘Puffy’ 
Combs." Vibe.

Quinn, Michael. 1996. "‘Never shoulda been let out the
penitentiary’:  Gangsta Rap and the Struggle over Racial
Identity." Culture Critique. Fall (34): 65-89. 

Unit 10
Kelley, Robin D. G. 1997. "Introduction." In Yo’ Mama’s
DisFUNKtional!  Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America!
Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America. Boston: Beacon Press.

_______________. 1997. "Looking for the ‘Real Nigga:’ Social
Scientists Construct the Ghetto," In Yo’ Mama’s DisFUNKtional!
Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America!  Fighting the Culture
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_______________. 1997. "Looking to Get Paid:  How Some Black Youth
Put Culture to Work," In Yo’ Mama’s DisFUNKtional!  Fighting the
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Light, Alan. 1991. "About a Salary or Reality?—Rap’s Recurrent
Conflict." The South Atlantic Quarterly. 90(4 Fall):  857-70.

Unit 11
Berry, Venise. 1994. "Redeeming the Rap Music Experience." In
Adolescents and Their Music. Jonathan Epstein, ed. NewYork:
Garland Publishing, Inc, 165-187.

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"Congressional  Hearings on the Impact of Gangsta Rap Held at the
Request of the National Political Congress of Black Women, Inc."

Unit 12
Roberts, Robin. 1991. "Music Videos, Performance and Resistance:
Feminist Rappers." Journal of Popular Culture. 25(Fall): 141-52.

Forman, Murray. 1994. "’Movin’ Closer to an Independent Funk:
"Black Feminist Theory Standpoint, and Women in Rap." Women’s
Studies. 23(1): 35-55.

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Spaces:  Black Female Identity via Rap Music Performance." Journal
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and Feminist Discourse." Re-Visions. 2(2): 1-4.

Lyndah and Michell. 1991. "Bytchez With Problems:  Bitch Is a
Badge of Honor for Us." Rappages. October: 46.

Unit 13
Light, Alan. 1997. "Say Amen, Somebody!" Vibe. October. 91-96.

Nelson, Angela M. S. 1992. "The Persistence of Ethnicity in
African American Popular Music:  A Theology of Rap Music."
Explorations in Ethnic Studies. 15(1): 47-57.

Unit 14
Mac Adams, Janine and Havelock Nelson. 1992. "Hip-Hop Puts Fresh
Spin on Jazz: Artists Galore Bring on ‘New Jazz Swing.’"
Billboard. August 22, 1992.

Birnbaum, Larry. 1993. "Bebop Meets Hip-Hop: Jazz for the Hip-Hop
Nation." Downbeat. February 1993.

Unit 15
Erlman, Veit. 1996. "The Aesthetics of the Global Imagination:
Reflections on World Music in the 1990s." Popular Culture. 8: 

Mitchell, Tony. 1996. Excerpt from "Modernism and Nationalism in
English and Afro-American Popular Music." Popular Music and Local
Identity:  Rock, Pop, and Rap in Europe and Oceania. London & New
York: Leicester University Press. 36-48.

Bennett, Andy. 2000. "Hip Hop am Main, Rappin’ on the Tyne:  Hip
Hop Culture as a Local Construct in Two European Cities." In
Popular Music and Youth Culture:  Music, Identity and Place. New
York, NY:  Macmillan Press, Ltd. 

Unit 16
Delgado, Fernando Pedro. 1998. "Chicano Ideology Revisited:  Rap
Music and the (Re)articulation of Chicanismo." Western Journal of
Communication. 62(2): 95-113.

Unit 17
Maier, Karl. 1999. "Letter from . . . Lagos." The Times Literary
Supplement. 15.

Disi, Dean. 1989. "Nigerian Law & Create Patriotic Pirates."

Grass, Randall F. n.d. "Bongoes and the Groovies:  On the Road
with a Nigerian Rock Band."

Soyinka, Wole. 1994. "The Last Despot and the End of Nigerian
History." Index on Censorship 6. 67-75.

Unit 19
Benjamin, Playthell. 1990. "Two Funky White Boys." Voice. January
9. 32-35.

Holden, Stephen. 1990. "The Pop Life: Vanilla Ice Invades the Rap
Scene." The New York Times. October 17. B4.

Russell, Deborah. 1991. "White Rap Starting to Find Its Way."
Billboard. September 28.

Aaron, Charles. 1998. "What the White Boy Means When He Says Yo."
Spin. November.

"Ways of Looking at a White Boy." 1999. Vibe. June/July.

Kleinfield, N. R. 2000. "Guarding the Borders of the Hip-Hop
Nation." The New York Times. 6 July.

Boucher, Geoff. 2000. "Will White Rappers Take Over the Hip-Hop
Genre?" Los Angeles Times. 15 May.

Anonymous. 2000. "If It’s White, Is It Rap?" Los Angeles Times. 20

Unit 20
Sanjek, David. 1981. "’Don’t have to DJ no more:’  Sampling and
the ‘Autonomous’ Creator." In The Construction of Authorship.
Martha Woodmansee and Peter Jaszi, Eds. Durham, NC:  Duke
University Press. 343-360.

Allen, Harry. 2000. "Dreams of a Final Theory." Village Voice.
March 7. 45 (9): 75.

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Sample:  Contexts and the African American Musical Aesthetics." 
African American Review. 28(4): 639-52.

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Popular Music. 14(3): 333-48.

Elflein, Dietmar. 1998. "From Krauts with Attitudes to Turks with
Attitudes:  Some Aspects of Hip-Hop History in Germany." Popular
Music. 17(3): 255-65. 

Bodson, Xavier. 1996. "Culture ‘hip hop’ et recomposition de
sens." Recherches sociologiques. 27 (3): 5-15. 

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