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"Hip-hop is an urban musical tree that has
spawned branches from graffiti to gangsta
rap and is still growing" Lonzo Williams
"There's no such thing as rap music. Rap
is rhyming lyrical form over any kind of
music. So long as there's different types
of music, rap will always be around.
Besides, there will always be people that
can't sing" Fresh Prince
"A media invention perpretrated by big
corporations" Lady Pink
"It's cool to have variations, but basically
rap is hard music expressing a hard
condition" Lord Jamal, Brand Nubian
"A culture given birth by inner city youth
in the mid-70s, consisting of four basic
elements (graffiti, breakdancing, DJing,
and MCing) and a creative ideology"
Grandmaster Caz
"According to one ex-high satanist, it [rap]
is identical with the voodoo chants and
rituals used within Satanism to summon up
demons of lust and violence" Jack Chick,
Battle Cry newspaper
"Hip-hop is a funky, aggressive, urban
aesthetic applied to ghetto art culture"
"Lyrics. That's the most important thing.
You can't just be talking out of the side
of your neck. 'I'm this. I'm that. I can get
that girl. I can screw him.'It's got to be
intellectual enough to make somebody sit back
and say, 'Dang. That shit makes some sense"
Kid Frost
"An irrevocable expression of the African
heart, mind and soul" DXT
"If people paid close attention in English
class when they were talking about literature,
if they knew what a good poem or a good short
story was, they'd know what a good rap song
was" Mista Lawnge, Black Sheep
"Expressions of a generation founded by
young, disenfranchised African American
and Latino youth" April Silver
"Real rap comes from the soul and the mind,
from the inner self" Chuck D
"To me, hip-hop is an urban cultural
reaction to the experience of being overtly
and covertly marginalized by a fully 
enfranchised white American majority"
Carol Cooper
"I don't like rap. Why am I frightened of it?
Because a great deal of it is deranged and
violent beyond all reason. Rap is music to
get dead by" Lewis Grizzard, syndicated
"A dedication to, and celebration of street
life, and its diverse culture and 
contributions to various art forms today"
Skeeter Rabbit
"Rap is like the polio vaccine. At first no
one believed in it. Then, once thy knew it
worked, everyone wanted it" Grandmaster
"Hip-hop is a cultural expression of life
passed on by our ancestors in which the
elements have taken new forms; it is the
most significant renaissance of this era"
"1: TALK, CONVERSATION; also: a line of talk:
2a: a rhythmic chanting often in unison of
usually rhymed couplets to a musical
b: a piece so performed"
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
"Hip-hop can be many things to many  
different people- I beleive Hip-hop is
a way of life expressing elements of urban
community" Jade
"Rap wasn't made for Middle America. But
that's not necessarily saying you have to be
from the ghetto or the city to understand it.
If you're focused and you have enough
awareness of yourself and you have enough
interest in different cultures and also in
words and music, it's open to everybody. But
Middle America has gotten a watered-down
version of everything and that seems to be
what they gravitate toward, and that's what
sells records." Pete Nice, 3rd Bass
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