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Spring 2006 Election Meeting

Update: Webmaster and Interschool Chair elections will be postponed until the fall. Instead, Advocacy and Culture Chair will be elected this spring! This will ensure better continuity for the AAA exec board to function at its best next year.

It’s election time, so mark your calendars for a very important meeting!

Spring 2006 Election Meeting
Wednesday, April 12
Business School 300

Not only is this an important meeting, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to get involved with AAA. The exec board is where all the action is, and you’re all invited to step up to the challenge.

Interested, but don’t think you can do it? You never know until you try! AAA is an extremely supportive group and is a terrific place to build up your leadership skills before going out into the scary world.

Even if you’re not running, be sure to make your voice heard; vote to decide which execs will be leading AAA next year!

The positions which are up for election are listed below. The remaining positions will be elected in the fall. A bulleted-list description of all the positions may be downloaded.

Vice President
Advocacy Chair
Membership Chair
Publicity Chair
Programming Chair
Culture Chair

We’ll see you then!

Asian Knowlegde Bowl

GET THE CHANCE TO WIN $250 for AAA. The Asian Culture Center is
hosting the 2nd Annual Asian Knowledge Bowl on Thursday, April 6th.
Face off against other student groups in a quiz bowl style team
competition which will test your knowledge of Asian American history
and Asian cultures. Please find 3 undergraduate members to represent
AAA in this competition. Invite your members to cheer them on and
enjoy some great food!

~~Asian Knowledge Bowl~~
Date: Thursday, April 6
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Place: Wells Library E174

The winning team will receive $250 for their student organization.
Please e-mail if you are interested in participating:

Team Member Info
Class Standing:
E-mail Address:

DEADLINE: Thursday, March 27, 2006

Movie Review: Crash

Two black teenagers eye a wealthy, white couple. A Middle Eastern man argues with a gun salesman he’s trying to buy from. A black cop makes love with his Hispanic partner. Where do all of these storylines go? You’ll be surprised how artfully the storylines are interweaved in Crash.

What makes Crash so unique is that it doesn’t shy away from conflict. It confronts the viewers’ racial, political, and moral beliefs. With a directness that recently has been absent in other films, Crash will leave questions splattered in your mind long after the credits finish.

The genre of Crash is formally drama. This is only useful information for finding where it’s located in Blockbuster. Like all great movies, Crash defies any single genre. The single best word to describe it is not drama, but revelation.

Crash recently upset Brokeback Mountain for the Academy Award for Best Picture for 2005. Go borrow Crash and find out why.
Then let’s talk about the ending. My mind is still blown away by how paradoxically beautiful Crash is.

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