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WAAPA? and Bowling Social on Friday

Tonight was the callout meeting (sorry for not posting about it before!), and turnout was fantastic. After some introductions, we had a hectic (g-rated) icebreaker involving pantyhose and balloons. Pictures will be up soon.

Friday will be our first “Who are Asian Pacific Americans?” discussion, co-sponsored by and held at the Asian Culture Center from 1 to 2. This week’s topic is the Model Minority Myth (are Asians to be viewed as the model minority that has succeed in America’s meritocratic system?) WAAPA will be held every-other Friday; feel free to drop by for any discussion! Free lunch will be served to all participants.

Friday will be our first social of the year. Bowling/billiards at the IMU followed by an ice cream party (details will be made available during bowling). Show up at the IMU arcade at 7:30!