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Upcoming Events

October 13

Cook-off for Kelly Ng – 1:00-3:00 PM at the Asian Culture Center(ACC)

October 17th

Pumpkin Carving – 7:30 PM at ACC

Planning on going out to a farm and buy/stealing some pumpkins to carve? But that’s so much work! Forget it, we’ve got pumpkins ready for you, at a low price! Come to the ACC for a good time!

October 26th

Who Are APA? 12-1 PM at ACC
Paper Crane Folding Event for Kelly Ng – 1-5 PM at ACC

November 8

IU World’s Fair – 5:00 – 8:00pm at Indiana Memorial Union in Alumni Hall, come check out AAA’s Hawaiian themed table!!!

November 9

Who Are APA? – 12-1 at ACC

November 10

AAA Fashion Show – Nightime (When else?) at the Wilkie Auditorium, come for a great time, it’s so much more than just a fashion show!

November 15

Nai Ni Chen Dance Co. – IU Auditorium


Hello and congratulations to the new and returning AAA Execs
Desma Jones – President
Roger Lou – Vice President
Amy Truong – Membership Chair
Kaz Takinami – Publicity Chair
Natsuki Atagi – Treasurer
Jeff Heerdink – Secretary
Andrew Harbor – BTG Editor
Patrick Michael Kirby – Programming Chair
Kenny Tsang – Co-Historian
Eric Zhang – Co-Historian
Vincent Wu – Co-Culture Chair
Catherine N – Co-Culture Chair
Jennifer Chen – Interschool Chair
Jake Zhang – Webmaster
Kim Sarabia – Advocacy Chair