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Where oh where did summer go?

Hopefully your summer has been fantastic, but with less than two weeks until classes start, it’s time to shift back into school mode. While the work part of that many not sound particularly thrilling, we hope the play part is… and we especially hope you’ll consider playing with us, the Asian American Association! Whether you’re a new or returning student, we hope you’ll join us for what we foresee to be a fun and excitement filled year! We’re looking to being bigger and better than ever, and with input from wonderful people like you, we know it can happen.

Whether or not you decide to join (pleeeease say you will), we really hope you don’t find yourself saying, “I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do.” Regardless of if it’s your first or fourth year at IU, Bloomington has SO many wonderful things to offer and explore! There are the better known places like the Auditorium, Art Museum, Stadium and Kinsey Institute in addition to the less advertised Hoagy Carmichael room, Mathers museum, and Asian and Latino Culture Centers. You can take a trip to Brown County, Oliver Winery, Lake Monroe, and eat at some of the incredible local restaurants. Or, you could simply check out the astrology building and take a walk on campus through the arboretum and on the philosopher’s path… and maybe you’ll find the Donald Duck hiding about! This is starting to sound like and IUB ad, so we’ll just end by saying that we hope to see your bright, smiling faces in the near future, and if you see one of ours definitely feel free to say hey. =)