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Hello everyone!

We hope everyone’s doing well with moving in, whether you’re returning or are coming to IU for the first time.

The Asian American Association is here to help you with any questions about college life, activities, and anything else that you might have questions about, so please feel free to contact us, our email is Check back often for updates on our activities, events, and elections coming up!

We will be volunteering at the Asian Culture Center’s booth today at Culture Fest. We will also be at the ACC’s welcome reception on Friday, Sept 3rd.

Our official call-out meeting will be on Wednesday, Sept 15th.

 You can add us on Facebook: Asian American Association

You can also add Jake Zhang or send him an email at

Slumdog Millionaire star on race casting in Hollywood


Dev Patel has a bone to pick with Hollywood. The British Indian actor of Slumdog Millionaire fame and more recently, The Last Airbender, griped recently to journalist about being type casted in the industry. Read what he has to say:

Read more about the issue of whitewashing in Hollywood on Angry Asian Man: