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New executive board!

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 executive board!

President – Gloria Chan
Vice President – Yi Fu
Secretary – Angie Nguyen
Treasurer – Kenneth Kim
Programming Chair – Sean Williams
Publicity Chair – Soosup Cha
Membership Chair – Tommy Nguyen
BTG Editor – Keri Marshall
Historian – Jessie Chen
Webmaster – Jack Zhang

Thank you to everyone who came and stay tuned to hear about our upcoming events! ^^

Thank you! and upcoming elections

Thank you to everyone who attended all of our events last week! We enjoyed meeting every single one of you and we hope that you had fun as well. Our next event is our Fall Elections! If you are interested in getting even more involved in the organization, it is highly recommended that you run for one of our prestigious positions. A position on the executive board can lead you to many opportunities to learn more about how student organizations operate on campus and looks great on resumes. All positions are up for grabs!

Even if you are not running for a position, we encourage all members to attend so that you may vote on who will be representing YOU this year.

*You must be a paid member of AAA in order to run for a position or participate in the voting. Membership is $5 and you receive a free membership discount card to 24 different restaurants and special member perks all year.*

AAA Fall Elections
Date: Wednesday, September 5
Time: 6PM-7PM
Location: Ballantine Hall 015


President: To execute roles of fellow executive board members, to oversee operations of the Asian American Association, and to represent the Asian American Association at both internal and external events.

Vice President: To fulfill any and all presidential duties when the active president is unable to do so, as well as to aid the president in achieving his or her objectives.

Treasurer: To manage and maintain financial accounts for the Asian American Association.

Secretary: To keep records of executive board meeting minutes and manage member accounts.

Historian: To document internal and external events for the Asian American Association and combine them at the end of the year.

Membership Chair: To recruit members and maintain membership activities throughout the year in addition to establishing relationships with other Asian American Associations or similar organizations at neighboring schools and universities.

Programming Chair: To plan and organize the annual Fashion Show; to collaborate with the Membership Chair in designing involving member activities and events.

Culture Chair: To plan and organize the annual Taste of Asia; to aid the rest of the board in spreading cultural awareness and the Asian American Association’s public support for causes or events such as Asian Pacific American month

Publicity Chair: To promote AAA events by producing flyers and utilizing the appropriate

Bridging the Gap Editor: To contribute to, edit, and publish Bridging the Gap, the official Asian American Association newsletter.

Webmaster: To create and maintain the Asian American Association’s website and social media accounts with up-to-date information and calendar of events.


If you are unable to attend the elections and would like to run for a position, please e-mail us at with a PowerPoint slide introducing who you are and why you are running for the position. Hope to see everyone there!