AAA: Bigger and Better

Greetings and welcome to the bigger and better Asian American Association at Indiana University. For returning students, we promise a dynamic and fun filled year with exciting events, educational programs, detailed discussions on the existential philosophy of neo-classic colonialism (maybe not that one) and hip-hop parties where the house will be jumping and the dj will be cutting def jams.

As for all freshmen, in order to join our organization you must first undergo an initiation process where you will be paddled and asked to do strange things with farm animals. I’m just joking, about the paddling part. Anyway, I know that IU can be a pretty intimidating place, so we will do all that we can to orient you to the fabulous word of college life.

The reason why I’m saying AAA is bigger and better is because it’s bigger and better.Duh! For example, we are one of the fastest growing organizations on campus, and now with the establishment of our new and improved web page and the opening of our office, our services are more accessible to you, the members.

You will have online access to an updated calendar of events, test files, internships, jobs, networking opportunities, and a bunch of new friends. And that’s not all, tell them what they get Joon…”A brand new membership card,” which can be used to check out books and movies from the AAA office. With this card you will feel better about yourself.

Well I’m not sure if I’ve sold you yet, but I promise a fantastic year where you’ll meet a bunch of people and have a great time. So don’t be bashful to ask questions or visit us in the office. Otherwise we get really bored.

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