“Anchor Babies” In Politics

Asians and Asian Americans have one of the lowest voter’s registration in history. But recently, presidential debates have put Asians and Asian Americans in the spotlight—and not in a positive way.

Donald Trump, front runner of the GOP, proposed to end birthright citizenship. Jeb Bush, another GOP candidate, added to the controversial topic by bringing up the term “anchor baby”.

An “anchor baby” is in reference to children who are born to a noncitizen mother on US soil in order to gain citizenship or legal residency. Jeb Bush then further clarified that he meant Asians—not immigrants, but just Asians. United States v. Wong Kim and the 14th amendment protects anyone born in the United States and their citizenship. Yet, Jeb Bush continues to target and use the term, “anchor baby”.

In response to Jeb Bush’s statements, Asian Americans around the country have been posting on twitter, using #MyAsianAmericanStory, and expressing how “anchor baby” is discriminative terminology. Donald Trump has also voiced his thoughts on twitter as well. Hilary Clinton took a more actionable role by hiring Lisa Changadveja, daughter of Thai immigrant parents, as her AAPI Outreach Director.

The term alone creates a “xenophobic fear to further isolate immigrants” as Congresswoman Judy Chu stated.

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