Asianis Brotheris

In the wake of Kappa Gamma Delta, Indiana University’s first Asian interest-sorority, lies herds of wandering beasts. At first, you may not realize just how many of these beasts roam the dark corridors and green pastures of IU’s campus, but take a closer look, and you will find them. Many of these beasts roam in packs every night in the main library. During the day, herds of these peculiar animals can be found in large concentrations resting at the business school. On weekends, a great place to observe these animals’ active behaviors is at the HPER, especially in the evening.

These animals, known to scientists in Jordan Hall as Asianis Brotheris, are known to the average person as the Asian male. Because there are no special support services and/or programs geared toward Asians in general here at Indiana University, let alone asian males, the Asianis Brotheris have taken to somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle, branching off into several sub-species. The Asianis-Americanis Brotheris (i.e. Asian American males) species, in particular, is a breed that has evolved convergently with another species, Whiteus majoris (Caucasian male) while at the same time retaining many similar features as the Internationalis studentis (Asian males). Asian American males represent a very small minority of all students at IU, so where are they to go to seek support from their own? What do they have to call their own? Is this the time for an Asian interest FRATERNITY? The real question is does IU need another Asian-interest FRATERNITY? We already have several. The Asian frats were all out in force showing their colors, crests and skills (or lack there of) this past Saturday at the HPER for this year’s Kappa Gamma Delta Roundball Classic. Alpha Alpha Alpha (AAA), Gamma Kappa Kappa (GKK) and Kappa Alpha Psi Alpha (KASA) were just a few of the Asian fraternities participating.

What KGD did with the basketball tournament was to show that among Asian males, there already exists a degree of solidarity that is consistent with the level of solidarity among Asian females on this campus. To some, the idea of an Asian fraternity is just the evolution of another species of Asianis Brotheris….an official clique, figuratively speaking. However, forming an “official” Asian-interest fraternity here at Indiana University would do a great deal to increase the level of brotherhood among the hundreds of Asian males at IU. Although a fraternity does not appeal to the majority of species of Asianis Brotheris at IU, the amount of positive influence and presence that an Asian fraternity can have on all other species of Asianis Brotheris as well as non-Asians is incredible.

The KGD Roundball Classic is a great example. All types of Asian brothers came out to participate and have a good time in this single event. To non-Asians and Asians alike, a great herd of these Asianis Brotheris stampeding on the hardwood is an impressive display of solidarity and diversity within as well as raw Asian power and masculinity. With an Asian-interest sorority already established on campus, it is only a matter of time now, before IU has its first Asian fraternity. Until that second birthday, let’s support ourselves and sprawl all over this campus.

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