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Fresh Off the Press

It’s been a couple weeks and I think it’s time to bring something back for a review. If you haven’t seen Fresh of the Boat on ABC, then you are missing out… or are you? The idea of such a show was way out there. In fact, from the face-to-face interview conducted by Huffington Post reveals this Asian-American show is the “first show of its kind in the last 20 years.” Is that a good thing? According to the reviews, it’s been mixed but mostly positive. IMDb gives the show an 8.3 and Metacritic a 75%. So maybe a definite plan to watch show. One of the criticisms that was circulating was the fear that the show might be good but might also be white-washed. Indeed, the show is broadcasted on ABC, and looks to cater everyone, whites and Asians and everyone else but that is a hard task.


“This is a show from the Asian American point of view,” says Melvin Mar. That is a bold move. And after watching it myself, I felt quite nostalgic. Its spot on for the most part and not always something you want to recall. But if you would like to relive your childhood or want to get a pretty accurate picture of how we grew up, watch this show. It’s funny, it’s bold, and it’s something different.
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Indiana Asian American Conference


When: April 11th, 2015
Where: Different locations throughout the day (Check schedule for more detail)
Who: This is a free conference and everyone is invited, just make sure you RSVP

As Asian-American presence increases in the United States, our knowledge and awareness should grow as well. To nurture this growth, the Indiana Asian-American Conference will host panels of dedicated individuals who will discuss topics including representation in the workplace and the media, as well as.

For more information check out the conference’s website at


For all you creative people: we are hosting a poster design contest for our upcoming conference about Asian Americans in the workplace! The deadline for all design submissions will be Feb. 20th and we’ll be giving out a $15 Starbucks gift card for the winner.

Here are some major items to include in the design:
-Title of the conference: “Planting the Seeds”
-Our AAA logo (profile pic) and “Indiana Asian American Conference”
-Indicating the keynote speaker as Simon Tam
-Date: April 11th

***The poster will be 11.5 x 18 in and it would be preferred that the image be saved as .png or .tif.

Fresh Off the Boat Premiere

Who: Everyone
When: Friday, February 13 at 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Union Street Center Cedar Hall (meet in the lobby)

Come join AAA for the premiere of the comedy sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat”!

If you haven’t heard of the show yet, it tells the story of a young Asian American family based off of the autobiography of chef personality Eddie Huang. It’s quirky and it’s supposed to be hilarious. Join us for a lovely Friday the 13th. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. And there will be pizza!

Here’s a promo to pique your interest:

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