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Asian Heritage Month events aim to overcome stereotypes

“It’s a good way to learn about Asian culture,” she said. “It’s designed to be a more entertaining lesson. It’s something you can get involved in.” Melissa Wood, Macomb senior and Alpha Kappa Delta Pi president, said 12 CARATS [Celebrating Amity and Reflecting Asian Traditions through Sisterhood] is an interest group for the Asian awareness sorority. “12 CARATS” is sponsoring the Asian Heritage Month finale on April 11. It’s really important for people to understand more about Asian-American culture, she said, because it can be a very enriching experience.

Asian youths cope with studies, and a model minority myth

At 17, Heayeon Lee’s thoughts often wander to her impending high school graduation, trendy fashions and the latest object of her affection. Lee also worries about her grades. The Rincon High School senior is barely passing her government class; she would rather splash paint on canvas than try to decipher U.S. foreign policy. The teen shatters the stereotype that all Asian-American students belong to a problem-free population of high achievers. That myth has been tossed at Lee before. “You’re Asian, how could you not know that?” Lee said a teacher once blurted out when she admitted not knowing the answer to a math problem. Lee, who also uses Michelle as her first name, said she is more fond of art than of numbers.

Student raises question to validity of U.Mich “Asian urination” incident

Few on this campus know the facts surrounding this incident, and obviously, fewer can claim to have been present on that fateful night. However, an analysis of first-hand accounts of the incident can provide a far more accurate picture of the events than can the hysteria surrounding the incident. While hype may carry the most weight on this campus, thankfully, truth does matter in a court of law.

Taste of Asia

The event you’ve waited the year for is here! Taste of Asia is on the Sunday that we get back from Spring Break.

Sunday, March 26, 2006
IU Auditorium

Taste of Asia is for everyone–young, old, Asian, white, Latino, black, whatever! If you’ve never been exposed to Asian cultural performances, we hope that you’ll come to this one, and find something that you like.

There will be a dizzying array of dazzling Asian cultural performances originating from India, Malaysia, Japan, the US, and more. The theme of this year’s Taste of Asia is “Stories from Another Life,” stories about the interaction between Asian and American cultures, presented by faculty, students, and community members.

Doors open at 5. Delicious food from local restaurants will be served afterwards! So get your homework done early–and save room in your stomach–for Taste of Asia!

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