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Garba is actually a dance done during a Hindu religious festival. It is danced in the month of November during a festival called Navratri. Nav means nine and ratri means night. Holding true to the name, garba and raas, another dance performed at the festival, are performed for nine nights.

Garba is danced in a complete circle around a picture of god. Food is placed around the picture as an offering to god. Candles are also lit. Each person dances individually around the circle but everyone does the same basic movements. Raas is also danced during Navratri. It is a partner dance in which wooden sticks are used. Garba is followed by a prayer and then eating of the offered food said to be blessed by god.

Garba is also danced during weddings and sometimes babyshowers. Although garba’s roots are religious, it is a very widespread dance that is performed at many events and used as entertainment. Garba is very fun and great exercise! Today at our meeting we danced raas, the stick dance.

Who are Asian Pacific Americans?

ACC and AAA’s Free Lunch Talk Series: Who are Asian Pacific Americans?
Topic #2: The APA Dating Scene

Description: Everyone looks for different characteristics in a person when entering a relationship: differences in his or her personality, physical appearance, likes and dislikes, and sometimes even race. Don’t be shy! Come join us for an insightful discussion about the influence of race in relationships and the varying perspectives on dating in varying generations. Light lunch will be served.

Ice Skating Social

Sat, February 4, 2006
Frank Southern Ice Arena

What more is there to say besides, “It’s ice skating!” Come enjoy the wonder of gliding on ice, and come join the best group of skaters on earth…aka don’t be embarassed if you fall because I have a feeling everyone will have their fair share. If you need a ride, please email .

Restaurant Review: Shanti

Hours: Everyday 11:30am-2:00pm; 5:00pm-9:00pm; Closed Mondays
Location: 221 E. Kirkwood
Telephone: 812-333-0303

There are many who travel to the far corners of the world seeking to delight their tongues with exotic richness. Luckily, Bloomington happens to be in possession of such a corner. Shanti, housed on the corner of Kirkwood and Lincoln, delivers excellent food, wonderful service, and a quaint atmosphere.

Specializing in northern Indian cuisine, it is the perfect place to embark upon Indian food for the first or forty-third time. And for those who have a limited appreciation for Indian foods, Shanti will help redeem anyone’s opinion of it. One of Shanti’s signature dishes is its “butter chicken.” It consists of tender chicken smothered in a sweet, buttery sauce.

Pour it over rice or dip it in naan, the Indian flat bread, to elicit an orgasmic response. If you’re going with friends, be sure not to be the one to order it for you will be the only one without leftovers since everyone will want a helping.

On most nights the owner is personally there to take your order. He will ask you how you would like your dishes prepared, mild or flaming. The service is an extremely important part of the dining experience, and Shanti goes to great lengths to provide familiarity and comfort. Due to its intimate settings, it is a great place for a date or a small group of four or five friends.

Don’t be surprised by the costs of the dinner menu; it proves to be a bit more expensive than the other ethnic restaurants. However, they do have a great lunch selection at a more reasonable price.

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