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March Mass Meeting

Thursday, March 23
7-9 PM
Business School 300

Spring Break will have ended, but the fun won’t end. The Thursday back from break, AAA has a mass meeting with fun and activities in store. This will be the last mass meeting before our Taste of Asia event (which is going to be amazing!), so be sure to come!

We will also be selling our I speak English. t-shirts, now in brown, green, and light blue versions! They’re only $10.

Japan Night

From the Japanese Student Association:

Date and time: March 25th 2006. 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Willkie Auditorium

We are having some guest performers to demonstrate Japanese traditional culture. There will be kendo and aikido performance, Sado (tea ceremony), Watermelon Crush.

The Program
6:30-6:45: Tea Ceremony
7:00-7:15: Kendo and Aikido
7:30-7:45: Watermelon Crush

Besides these performances, we have four booths to show each season and each booth has a traditional games and demonstrations. Those who are interested in Japan and even don’t know Japanese culture; it will be a precious time to be there!!

Don’t miss each performance and Free foods!!!(Sushi, green tea, and rice cakes.)

Singapore Night

Date: 24 March 2006, Friday
Time: 5.30pm
Place: McNutt Dining Hall

The Singapore Student Association (SSA) is proud to present its first ever “SINGAPORE NIGHT!” Aimed at promoting our unique culture, we warmly invite you to join us in sampling our local food. The evening will also be filled with a short program to show you love the Singapore way!

Do bring your friends to this free and fun-filled event. We thank you in advance for your support and we hope to see you there! Please Pass this email on to your members!

SSA Committee 2005-2006

APA Heritage Creative Writing Contest

Join the Asian/Pacific/American Heritage 2006 CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST and win prizes!

Contest Theme: The broad theme for the contest is “A Passage to America,” and we are looking for creative examinations of issues in ethnicity, race, and diversity in the American experience through three genres in creative writing: short fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction. More than physical travel, the “passage” in the theme is meant to convey an inner journey that ponders questions related to identity: What does it mean to “be” in America? How does one “become” an American? We hope that the contestants will tease, challenge, confront, ponder, and redefine their personal—emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual—experience of America. We’ve made the theme as expansive as possible so that students of varied backgrounds and persuasions would feel encouraged to submit.

New deadline for submission of entries is on March 22, 2006. Read all the details.

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