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Asianfest 2014 Pictures

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Every year, Asian Culture Center hosts its annual Asianfest located at the Farmer’s Market. This year, Asian American Association hosted a table where kids can make samurai helmets and decorate them with markers and paint.

Taste of Asia 2014 Pictures

Kawes7 Kawes6 Kawes5 Kawes4 Kawes3 Kawes2
Kawes1 Kawes32 Kawes31 Kawes30 Kawes29 Kawes28
Kawes27 Kawes23 Kawes16 Kawes15 Kawes14 Kawes13
Kawes12 Kawes11 Kawes10 Kawes9 Kawes8 TOA34
TOA35 TOA36 TOA37 TOA38 TOA39 TOA40 
TOA41 TOA42 TOA43 TOA44 TOA45 TOA46 
TOA47 TOA48 TOA49 TOA50 TOA51 TOA52 
TOA53 TOA54 TOA55 TOA56 TOA57 TOA58 
TOA59 TOA60 TOA61 TOA62 TOA63 TOA64 
TOA68 TOA69 TOA176 TOA173 TOA174 TOA175
TOA95 TOA96 TOA97 TOA98 TOA99 TOA100
TOA101 TOA102 TOA103 TOA104 TOA105 TOA106
TOA107 TOA108 TOA109 TOA110 TOA111 TOA112
TOA113 TOA114 TOA115 TOA116 TOA117 TOA118
TOA119 TOA120 TOA121 TOA122 TOA123 TOA124
TOA125 TOA126 TOA127 TOA128 TOA129 TOA130
TOA131 TOA132 TOA133 TOA134 TOA135 TOA136
TOA137 TOA138 TOA139 TOA140 TOA141 TOA142
TOA143 TOA144 TOA145 TOA146 TOA147 TOA148
TOA149 TOA150 TOA151 TOA152 TOA154 TOA155
TOA156 TOA157 TOA158 TOA159 TOA160 TOA161
TOA162 TOA163 TOA164 TOA165 TOA166 TOA167
TOA168 TOA169 TOA170 TOA171 TOA172

Elections for 2014-2015

It is that time of year where we elect our new board for the year 2014-2015. It will be at Psychology Building Rm101 from 6PM to 7PM. FREE PIZZA!!! Every position is open on the executive board:

President (have to be on executive board at least one year)
– in charge of running the meetings
– go to different meetings
– do administration work

Vice President
– helps out the President with whatever is needed

– take minutes every meeting
– in charge of emailing to the members and checking the AAA email

– in charge of the AAA account!!!
– in charge of the AAA budget

Publicity Committee (2 people)
– take pictures
– in charge of the website
– know how to make posters and flyers
– in charge of the Facebook account

Special Events Committee (2 people)
– in charge of creating events every month

Public Relations Committee (2 people)
– in charge of being in contact with other AAPI groups around the Midwest
– in charge of being in contact with Asian student organizations and other organizations on campus
– in charge of publishing articles/ blogs on the What’s Up section of the AAA website every month

Hope to see you all there!

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