Coming Home for the 1st Time

“Glory Days” was the theme for this year’s homecoming parade, and for a small group of Asian students, the day presented them a chance to show their glory for the very first time. The Asian Student Union, a collaboration of all the Asian groups on campus, took the initiative and built their first Homecoming float. In a small and crowded parking lot, the transformation of senior Tuan Hoang’s dark cranberry pickup truck into the ASU float began. By the end of the afternoon, streamers, speakers and balloons enveloped the former truck. Banners and signs with words of cheer were hung and in the end the float was done.

As the ASU float and it’s creators waited for the start of the parade many veterns appluaded the rookie bunch for their efforts. Amist all the floats and people, Tuan and sophmore Shawn Chen agreed that they had always dreamed of someday participating in a parade, but as launch time approached the two eagar members found themselves without much of a crew to ride along. But fears were subsided as other ASU members flooded the bay of the float. As the parade proceeded the sound of music began to arise from the back. “Choo Choo train” was played continuously by Tuan as the small float ran it’s course down to Indiana Avenue. The crowds danced to the rhythms and eagerly awaited for the candy and fortune cookies being thrown to them. Graduate Christine Hsu climbed off the back and began to distribute candy to smaller children. There was even an instance where the crew ran out of candy and a lone soul ran to purchase more sweets though the floats were still in motion.

By the end of the parade the crew of the ASU float let out a little sigh but shouted with glory as they had completed their first ever parade ride. In the end, senior Candy Truong said, “This was pretty good for our first time but next year we’ll know what to expect.”

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