About IAAC

What is IAAC?

As the Asian-American presence increases in the United States, our knowledge and awareness should grow as well. To nurture this growth, the Indiana Asian-American Conference (IAAC) will host workshops with dedicated individuals who will discuss topics including representation in the workplace and the media, as well as Asian-American presence overall in today’s society. We understand that the term “Asian-American” is an umbrella that encompasses a plethora of widely diverse individuals hailing from innumerable ethnic cultures. As such, Asian-American history, representation, experiences, and so on, vary just as much, and should not be clustered into one notion. Our multi-generational and inter-sectional identity is relevant in society and should be nurtured to its fullest potential.


Full Bloom

Following last year’s conference, “Taking Root,” the theme for this year is “Full Bloom.” The 2017 IAAC emphasizes how far the AAPI community has come, as well as how much it can still grow. It focuses on approaching AAPI topics from success in representation in AAPI┬áin the media, celebrating the AAPI experience, breaking stereotypes, how AAPI heritage has changed and/or assimilated with mainstream American culture, etc. There will be a keynote speaker and three workshop/lecture leaders.