Elections for 2014-2015

It is that time of year where we elect our new board for the year 2014-2015. It will be at Psychology Building Rm101 from 6PM to 7PM. FREE PIZZA!!! Every position is open on the executive board:

President (have to be on executive board at least one year)
- in charge of running the meetings
- go to different meetings
- do administration work

Vice President
- helps out the President with whatever is needed

- take minutes every meeting
- in charge of emailing to the members and checking the AAA email

- in charge of the AAA account!!!
- in charge of the AAA budget

Publicity Committee (2 people)
- take pictures
- in charge of the website
- know how to make posters and flyers
- in charge of the Facebook account

Special Events Committee (2 people)
- in charge of creating events every month

Public Relations Committee (2 people)
- in charge of being in contact with other AAPI groups around the Midwest
- in charge of being in contact with Asian student organizations and other organizations on campus
- in charge of publishing articles/ blogs on the What’s Up section of the AAA website every month

Hope to see you all there!


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