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Ultimate Evolution


Join AAA for our annual spring cookout! Burgers, hot dogs, and ultimate. What better way to end the school year?

(Additionally, elections for AAA board will be taking place right before the event @4pm in the Campus View Activity Room)

AAA Election

Here are the descriptions for the board elections @4PM Campus View Activity Room:

– min one year on board
– delegate responsibilities
– represent AAA

Vice President
– facilitate President in major duties

– take minutes of each meeting and upload them in a timely fashion
– send out emails to AAA members

– in charge of the SOA
– get funding when needed

Publicity Committee (2)
– in charge of flyers, promotion, etc
– in charge of website
– take pictures of all events

Special Events Committee (2)
– plan and perform events
– in charge of FB account

Public Relations Committee (2)
– in charge of writing “What’s Up”
– strengthen relationships between different universities and student organizations on campus
– update on APIA news



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  1. Meera says:

    looking forward to a get together

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