Heirs to the Revolution

The unprecedented events that took place on January 20th, 1997 will forever be a blazing picture of triumph through struggles. There are no descriptive words that I can utilize to express the exhilaration that embodied me on that beautiful day. Nothing that I can express will in turn do justice the same experience that transformed me. The powerful momentum of cheers of people gathered in unity whose cries of demands are the creed and principles by which one lives is truly the feeling of a holy embrace. An embrace that was so long overdue, it makes me wonder about the progressive nature of civilization.

As people of all colors, creed, sexual orientations, had gathered and rallied outside of Bryan Hall, I had a speech prepared. A speech that would educate and disseminate my opinion about “America.” However, I decided to ditch the speech. Some parts I kept, but I felt it was wrong to regurgitate what I was thinking before the protest actually happened…

Instead, I took a deep breath and absorbed the omnipresence of the many bodies gathered in support. I felt the surge of power that was not innate in me, but was fanned by the energy that rampaged in the crowd. And then I spoke:

“Today is a good day for a revolution. . . ”

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