Jimmy Kimmel Show “Kill the Chinese”

A popular talk show on ABC called the Jimmy Kimmel Show sparked controversy when they aired a segment that had a young blonde boy suggesting to “kill all the Chinese people” in order to settle the debt that’s owed by America. Many people are upset that this show was aired and most importantly that the host of the show, Jimmy Kimmel, followed up with the question, “Should we let the Chinese live?” China has taken their stand on this dispute and called for a sincere apology from ABC and Jimmy Kimmel.

This controversy took a step up when protesters from 27 cities voiced their outrage with signs that read, “Racism is no joke!”, “Stop Hate Speech! Stop inciting violence! Stop race-baiting!” outside the Headquarters of ABC.  A handful also demanded the host to be fired from ABC. The 45 year old host has definitely made his name known to the Chinese community this time. On the other hand, Jimmy has came out to the protesters and formally apologized.

The Chinese are responding very strongly to this racism debate. They believe that hate should not be spread through social media, especially on a channel that is targeted to children. A user from a well known forum stated, “People are offended because this was NOT a live show. It was scripted, recorded, and the studio had plenty of time to edit it. If the kid has said something about killing Jews or putting Blacks back to slavery, I’m pretty sure the segment would not have aired.” However, there are some protesters that kicked this protest up a notch by comparing Jimmy Kimmel to Hitler. Many Americans feel that this is an overreaction. They offered their views on this issue also, “The fact is that no one should expect that these kids pose any danger to anyone. All it did was maybe expose what the kids were exposed to. I am willing to bet that the kid heard an uncle or grandparent say we can kill all of the Chinese in the past. It is a bit of dark comedy really. These childish ideas should be given a public forum to foster discussion. Jimmy did nothing wrong.”  Which brings up another controversy,  is Jimmy the victim or the villain in this story?

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