Job Opportunities at PETA Asia

Hello members! We have recently been contacted by PETA Asia regarding some exciting job and internship opportunities with the company. Here is what they sent us:

PETA Asia is for everyone who loves animals and wants to make a change. At work, I am part of a team—one that works hard every single day to bring improvements to the lives of animals through legislative and corporate change, to generate media attention about vegetarianism and the cruel fur industry, and to work with activists all around the world to draw attention to the way that animals suffer.

We essentially have a job to suit every person. No matter what your strengths are, chances are that we have something that you can excel at. The campaigns assistant for China position involves writing letters to government officials and companies, brainstorming ideas for PETA’s high-powered celebrity campaigns, and assisting with photo shoots and demonstrations. If you love gossip magazines almost as much as you love animal rights, then the celebrity marketing coordinator position is for you. Our online marketing coordinator is responsible for promoting animal rights through PETA Asia’s website and social-networking sites and marketing information about animal suffering in the most effective ways possible. And PETA’s media coordinator is responsible for reaching millions of people through working with national and international media.

We also have an internship program. I started as an intern at PETA U.S., and many of our staffers started as interns as well. Please see a complete list of jobs available here if you are interested.

If you are interested in learning more, please send us an e-mail and we will send you the contact information.

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