Living Beneath the Bridge

It is amazing what one can think of when one is clashing two sticks together. A few friends and I were participating in a traditional Indian dance held by the Indian Student Association when the traditional became not so traditional. The D.J. began to play some funky hip hop music to which all the Indian students began dancing to. My friends and I began to worry because they were not dancing like at other Asian dances. They had their Western influenced Indian dancing and us well…we did not have much.

My friend Simon Wu pointed out that it seemed that as Asian Americans we do not seem to have much culture in this sort of situation. I began to think and I too came to the conclusion that we do not have any asian-western influenced dancing. As a race in whole, we do have a history here in America. There have been protests for Asian American rights, lobbies for culture centers and even demonstrations of Asian awareness, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes the small details come to hurt us the most. Take dancing for example, as Asian Americans we dance mostly at the two ends of the spectrum. Either like americans or like asians but not in a grey area for this grey area barely exists. The Indians could follow one another in clear displays of traditional dancing mixed with hip hop. We stood there dumfounded and baffled and any attempts to try to dance were met with self induced guilt.

“To every cloud, there is a silver lining.”

This saying is true in that as Asian Americans we are still relatively young but self aware. There is time to change and add on to our growing culture. This is a beauty all in itself because at our fingertips is the power to create. This Asian American culture, this lifestyle has come into existence and all of us are playing a part in it’s perfection. Who knows you might be the next Elvis of the Asian American world.

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