Michael Derrick Hudson is NOT Yi-Fen Chou

The 2015 edition of The Best American Poetry published a poem titled The Bees, the Flowers, Jesus, Ancient Tigers, Poseidon, Adam and Eve written by Yi-Fen Chou. However, it was discovered that the actual person behind the feminine Asian name is a White male named Michael Derrick Hudson. He claimed that he wrote under Yi-Fen Chou pseudonym because his poetry was rejected over 40 times when he submitted his poems under his real name.

Asian Americans around the country are in uproar over Hudson’s actions. Professor Timothy Yu of University of Wisconsin-Madison spoke out against Hudson’s additions to “yellowface” racism and people’s ignorance of “political correctness”.

People are also upset with Sherman Alexie, the editor of the edition, because he kept the poem in the edition even after learning about Hudson’s identity. He also acknowledged that he originally looked for a diverse voice for the publication and the name, Yi-Fen Chou, initially drew his attention to the poem.

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