Ode to a cultural center

Currently, one of the most inspiring move towards the creation and evolution of a cohesive force among Asian Americans in Bloomington is the drive for a literal “home away from home.”

As the sun peels away the thick coat of snow off from the ground and the trees burst into fresh greenery, just try to visualize a small corner on the campus ground that you can call “a place of our own.”

Have you ever heard of a home, far away from home? Where we can turn bare walls , and dusty tables, into a place of our own. Where we can make riends and do things that we have never known. Where there are smiling faces all around, and friends who follow and words of encouragement, making us stars of our shows.

This is it then: a cultural center as a means to reach out…. to grab hold of our past and of our heritage and revive it by holding out our hands and hearts to each other in the present and in the future.

It’s only a proposal in its infancy….. and it could grow into a building of grand architectural potential and it could be draped in magnificent feng-shui.

But ultimately, it’s the attitudes of those who use the place and who take care of the place that will harness the spirit of fraternity and solidarity- and this forms the foundations of even intending to build the cultural center.

So when it comes, be ready with your support and who knows: it may even begin to fulfill it’s namesake and truly evolve into a center of our community.

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