Jackie Chan is back and more exciting than ever. Just when you settled back into your seat from watching Rumble in the Bronx, along comes Supercop. For those of you who don’t follow Jackie Chan, this movie is one one in a series of Supercop movies. The American release of this movie has all the trademark features in a Jackie Chan movie: the wham-bamn-thank-you maam action scenes, insane stunts (yes Jackie does all of his own stunts), and cheesy dialogue that will make you roll with laughter.

In the movie, Jackie Chan plays a cop named Kevin Chan from Hong Kong. Kevin is sent to China to infiltrate a drug gang. Upon arrival in China, Kevin is dubbed a supercop. Kevin meets the chief of security, who is played by Michelle Khan, and is put through a series of tough guy tests. Kevin is soon sent to help a prisoner escape. The prisoner is the gang leader’s brother and soon with Kevin’s help they escape and is joined by Michelle Khan’s character as Kevin’s sister. Her character “Hanna” is also pretty good at martial arts and starts whipping some serious butt. After some huge explosions and fights, the action becomes even wilder and one particular scene with a helicopter will make you appreciate what Jackie does to please his fans.

Supercop is dubbed over in English but tries to make itself more appealing to Americans by adding a soundtrack that features artists like Warren G. Jackie ChanUs dialogue and gestures will make you laugh hysterically, and for those of you looking for a female action star look no further, Michelle Khan is your woman because she does all her own stunts too. Supercop will not win any Oscars for the best dialogue or acting but none of that matters because Jackie makes the movies entertaining without any of those requirements.

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