The paradox of diversity

There’s just as much integration as there is separation

America has always been known as the melting pot of cultures. Yet amidst this unity in diversity, there is still many nuances and subtlties that hinder the meld into a so-called universal spirit.

Contrasting cultures can not be bridged so easily over a mere century of immigration. Thus, though integration into the pop culture here in America is possible, many ethnic groups still question if complete assimilation is plausible. Many minority groups still prefer to hang out with those from the same grassroots as themselves. Maybe it’s a question of communication. Maybe it’s a question of human nature. Who knows the answer.

But basically, every person needs some friends to relate to, some group to identity themselves with, some emotional anchor to help create a sense of belonging and guide the ships of our ambitions and dreams into the harbor of success. American-born Asians have it slightly harder than most international students- born in a land far away from their parents homeland, it’s a struggle to define their roles and positions in the society they are in.

Whatever cultural and language is basically seeped from their immediate family over here in America. And there is also the Western influence of ideals and lifestyles. So it’s basically a nebulous compromise of East and West that most Asian Americans subscribe to- a blend of attitudes and preceptions that is unique to the Western world as it is to the Orient. With the evolution of this new culture, a greater sense of cohesion is being generated among the Asian American community and the AAA here in Bloomington is a fine example of how this new generation from all across America is able to find a close and united group of friends with whom to share the best years of their college life together.

Life is a journey and not a destination. Through this strange travel of ours, we will meet many faces and shake many hands. Some will be closer friends, others may be slightly more distant acquaintances.

And those with the same roots and same beliefs will always have a special place in our hearts. Yet friendship transcends all barriers of language and culture, so let’s always remember to reach out as far as our hearts and hands and voices can.

And someday, maybe not tommorrow, maybe not even for another decade, but one day, the minority groups will grow into a united whole, where culture and language is no longer an impediment but rather a interesting overlap which we can all share and learn from. Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

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