Who AAA Officers Really Are

There are many misconceptions about AAA. Some think AAA is an organization that excludes anyone that isn’t Asian American. Many find AAA intimidating and do not show up to any of the functions AAA holds. The one misconception I find most bothersome is that AAA officers do not talk to anyone outside their clique. I do not know where these assumptions of AAA started but I can see why they are.

AAA has become more powerful and political within the last four to five years and has lost the intimacy that it once had, but that does not mean it has become less friendly. Most people find the officers more intimidating than anything else, but give it a try. Go up to any AAA officer and they will be more than welcome to talk to you about Asian American issues or just anything else for that matter.

As an executive officer, I do not want people to feel scared to talk to me. AAA officers don’t always talk about AAA stuff. Sometimes, I like to talk to people about nothing, we’re not monsters who think they’re on pedestals above everyone else. They are students who are like everyone else, they have interest like everyone else and, above all, they are not perfect. If you see me sitting around, stop by and we will talk.

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