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Indiana University Bloomington

African American Dance Company 16th Annual Dance Workshop

Indiana University’s African American Dance Company presents their 16th annual studio Dance Workshop from February 21-22, 2014 at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Grand Hall, located at 275 N. Jordan Ave. Bloomington, IN.

The mission of the workshop is to expose participants to dance from the perspectives of African American culture and the broader African Diaspora through master classes, panel discussions, and enlightening dialogues. The workshop will include dance classes exploring West Indian Folk, Afro Cuban traditional, and Contemporary Modern dance. "The dance workshop will give anyone a great opportunity to learn various dance forms and techniques that are not usually offered in the area of central Indiana. It is also about connecting, establishing new relationships and forging collaborations in the dance discipline with other dancers, teachers and performers," says African American Dance Company Director, Iris Rosa.

A panel discussion, free and open to the public, will take place Friday, February 21st at 7pm. The dance workshop's guest artists will lead a dialogue with the audience about their personal performing and teaching experience as well as answer questions. A dance showcase, featuring workshop highlights, is also free and open to the public and will be presented on Saturday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. in the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Grand Hall.

To register, click here. The full registration fee is $120 (Friday and Saturday) for all ages. Saturday registration only (includes three classes) is $70 for all ages. Single class fees are $25. For more information, contact Professor Iris Rosa, director, at or call (812) 855-8079.

Guest Artist Bios

Dr. Sheila A. Ward

Dr. Sheila A. Ward a native of Richmond, Virginia, is presently a tenured Professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science at Norfolk State University. She holds a B.S. in Physical Education with an emphasis in Dance from Indiana University and the M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Temple University. Dr. Ward also earned the Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology from Eastern Virginia Medical School. Dr. Ward is the Co-Director of and professional dancer with Eleone Dance Theatre, Philadelphia, PA. Eleone Dance Theatre is dedicated to the preservation and creation of historical and contemporary theatre dance which celebrates intergenerational and uni- and multicultural themes that both educate, entertain and cultivate future audiences and artists among the undeserved by providing affordable dance training, performances and experiences to the community. She is the former Associate Instructor and Acting Director of the Afro-American Dance Company, Indiana University. She was a member of the African American Dance Company and the IU Dance Theater. Dr. Ward performed and trained with The Philadelphia Company and Philadanco II. She is a Certification Candidate for the Umfundalai African Dance Technique and the Katherine Dunham Technique. Integration of her degrees in exercise physiology, epidemiology/public health, and dance has served as the foundation to promote, ’Health Empowerment through Cultural Awareness.’ She is the 2014 African American Arts Institute Herman C. Hudson Alumni Award Recipient, Indiana University for her "outstanding career as a dance educator and scholar."

Mr. Alfred Baker

Mr. Alfred Baker was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. "Fred" Baker started dancing at the age of six and embarked on a tour of the West Indies at the age of 10. On returning to Jamaica, Baker received his first professional dance training from Mr. Alan Ivanhoe, who was trained by the National Dance Theatre of Jamaica. He studied under Madam Ashkin, Neville Black, Mr. Boscoe Holder, and immersed himself in Jazz, Ballet, Dunham, and Graham technique classes. In his hometown of Montego Bay, he took the challenge when in 1971, "Mr. Baker" founded and served as artistic director and choreographer of the Western Jamaica Folk Dance Co., which later evolved into the West Indian Folk Dance Company to be more inclusive of other Caribbean Nationals. Mr. Baker has held a prominent position in Chicago for more than two decades, as a standard-bearer for African diasporic dance and folkloric music, and he remains a vital part of the Chicago cultural arts education community. Mr. Baker has performed and taught Afro-Caribbean dance forms internationally — from the islands, to Europe & the U. S.

Mr. Rogelio Kindelan Nordet

Mr. Rogelio Kindelan Nordet is from Guantanamo, Cuba and is an accomplished dancer, vocalist, and percussionist in the following styles: Merengue Haitiano, Rumba, Gaga, Palo, Vodu, Tumba Francesa, Tajona and Chancleta. His family of folkloric musicians and dancers of Haitian descent nurtured his talents encouraging him to pursue his career as a percussionist. He earned his degree (equivalent to an MFA) from the Centro Nacional de Superacion de la Ensenanza Artistica (CNSEA) in Havana (National University for the performing arts). He became Director of the Folkloric Studies Dept. at CNSEA from 1982-1985, and acted as Professor of Folkloric Percussion at CNSEA, Pablo Milanes Foundation and La Escuela Nacional De Artes. He has provided instruction at Caribbean Music and Dance's Cuban Salsa workshops in San Francisco, the California Academy of Arts and Sciences, Alhambra Academy, Santa Clara University, Sacramento City College, Alice Arts Center in Oakland, Mission Cultural Club and Humboldt State University. His performing career includes lead percussionist for numerous groups including Projecto Folklorico, Banrara, Ballet de Belgium and Conjunto Folklorico Cutumba de Santiago, Cuba. He currently resides Houston, Texas.

Mr. Manuel Suarez

Mr. Manuel Suarez was born in Oriente, Cuba. He is a performer, teacher, and choreographer in the Cuban music and dance styles. He began his studies at the Escuela de Arte in Cuba when he was six years old. After finishing high school, he continued his dance and music studies at the Universidad Pedagogica where he had the opportunity to perform, instruct and create choreography and music for some of the most renowned national and international festivals held in and outside of Cuba. Mr. Suarez has participated in festivals in Spain, Italy, Denmark and others that include the Festival de la Danza Folklorica, Weimilere and others. He moved to Havana and studied at the Universidad de la Habana. In 1998 he founded and is currently the general and artistic director of 7 Potencias. Upon moving to the United States in 2000 he continued to teach and perform both nationally and internationally. He has taught at University of California at Berkeley, Sacramento State University, San Francisco State University, Mission Cultural Center, Berkeley High School, Alice Arts Center and No Sweat Dance Studio among other places in the Bay Area.