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Dance Company Outreach

Stone Belt Center

Thank you so much for making Stone Belt a performance venue each year. We cannot begin to describe how meaningful this is for our clients, who are individuals with developmental disabilities. Music and dance have the power to move all people - and our clients are no exception. Having the opportunity to engage with new cultural experiences - and to watch performers who truly love their art! - broadens their horizons in exciting ways. Individuals with developmental disabilities are often viewed as static people, unable to grow, learn, develop and engage with the world around them. However, no one watching them engage with your performances could walk away from the experience thinking that, because your performances help them to come alive! Thank you, also, for creating a special opportunity, at the end of each performance, for our clients to come "on stage" with you in order to dance. They love this most of all!

" We invite you to come back year after year after year. It's a highlight of the calendar for us!"

~Stone Belt Staff Member