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March 15, 2008

AAAMC Traveling Exhibit Series

AAAMC Traveling Exhibits on African American Music

The Archives of African American Music and Cultures is developing exhibits on various genres and themes in African American music. The series will comprise:

-        Modular traveling exhibits available free of charge

-        Easy to ship, self-contained and free-standing modules that can be set up and maintained with a minimum of effort.

The exhibits are designed explicitly for travel and to be displayed at diverse public venues free of charge. We aim to bring the exhibits to a broad range of audiences around the state and are interested in contacts from:

-        schools

-        libraries

-        museums and galleries

-        community centers

-        historical societies

-        small liberal arts colleges

-        other public venues/institutions

The first exhibit in the series is on display at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures from February 22nd, 2008. This exhibit includes modules on music from the Civil Rights Movement and Soul/Black Power eras. Future exhibits will emerge from the content of the AAAMC's signature collections. Topics under consideration include:

-        Rhythm & Blues Era

-        History of African American musical forms

-        Rap and hip-hop culture

-        Role of Black pioneers in genres such as rock and techno

Each of these areas opens the door to discussions not only of music, but also of related social, economic, or political themes that can be raised in the panel content.

For more information about the exhibits, please contact us via email ( or visit our website (

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