DJ Juan Atkins, DJ Terrence Parker,
DJ Minx, DJ Marcellus "Malik" Pittman
DJ Rick Wilhite, DJ Mike Clark
DJ Theo Parrish
Cornelius "Atlantis" Harris,

October 21, 2006
Willkie Auditorium

Welcome To "Roots of Techno..." Conference Website

On October 21st, 2006, the Archives of African American Music and Culture hosted "Roots of Techno: Black DJs & The Detroit Scene," a conference held at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Conference attendees had the opportunity to come listen and learn from some of Detroit techno's pioneering DJs about the origins and history of techno music.  Through panel discussions and live demonstrations, the DJs told their stories and showcased the musical characteristics of Detroit techno, as well as its relationship to other genres such as house music.

In conjunction with the conference, Bloomington's own Second Story Night Club featured these renowned DJs spinning techno and house music on Friday, October 20th, and Saturday, October 21st.

The remainder of this website has been preserved in its original format with the except that the registration forms have been removed to prevent accidental registration for the conference. If you would like to learn more about the conference, check out the post conference coverage in issue no. 12 of Liner Notes, the AAAMC's annual newsletter, available online at http://www.indiana.edu/~aaamc/PDFs/linernotes12.pdf
Press Release!!!
Sept. 28, 2006

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The world may know about the Motown Sound, but many don't know that techno music - a wildly popular electronically produced form of dance music reverberating dancehalls and raves across Europe -was developed 20 years ago by a handful of African American college students around Detroit.

The Archives of African American Music and Culture at Indiana University has organized the first national conference on Oct. 21 about the genre, "Roots of Techno: Black DJs and the Detroit Scene," and hope to create greater awareness and academic appreciation for the music's origins. They have invited several of its pioneering DJ's to share their stories.

In addition to panel discussions, the event in Willkie Auditorium, 150 N. Rose St., will include live demonstrations and CD signings. Live performances will be given by many of the DJs on Oct. 20 and 21 at the Second Story nightclub, 201 S. College Ave., in downtown Bloomington. The public is invited to all the events.

Portia Maultsby, director of the AAAMC and professor of folklore and ethnomusicology at IU, said the conference will re-establish the African American origins of the genre and an understanding about the context from which it came.

"It is interesting how the music migrated from Detroit to Europe and the music became associated with rave parties, and then migrated back to the U.S. and Americans became involved ... and the African American identity became invisible," Maultsby said. "Music can be appropriated and re-appropriated and history can be distorted as a result of that ...Very few people associate techno with its African American origins." Read more>>
A list of Bloomington-area accommodations can be found at http://www.visitbloomington.com/
(click on "Where to Stay"). 
Please note that the conference occurs during Homecoming weekend at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, so many hotels in Bloomington might have limited availability.  If you are having trouble finding a place to stay, please contact us at: sufass@indiana.edu/
(812) 855-8547
DJs will present performances on Fri. (Oct. 20) and Sat.(Oct. 21)evening at Second Story Night Club, located at 201 South College Avenue (corner of 4th and College), Bloomington, IN 47401. Details at http://www.secondstorynightclub.com/

The conference has been partially funded by the College Arts & Humanities Institute with co-sponsors: the Departments of African and African American Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Communication and Culture, Folklore and Ethno-musicology, School of Journalism, African American Arts Institute, Foster International Living-Learning Center, RPS Academic Initiatives and Services, Foster Quad Community Council, and Foster Quad Student Government. Additional support has been provided by the record labels Sound Signature and Unirhythm, and the record outlet Vibes New & Rare Music.

Important Registration Information!!!

Please note that this conference occurred in 2006. We are no longer accepting registration forms.

Advance Registration
(Deadline: Monday, October 16, 2006)
Student: $5.00/person (with ID)
Non-student: $15.00/ person

After October 16, 2006, please plan on registering at the door.
Student: $8.00/person (with ID)
Non-student: $20.00/person


DJ Juan Atkins

DJ Terrence Parker

DJ Terrence Parker

DJ Minx
DJ Pittman
  DJ Marcellus "Malik" Pittman
DJ Parris
 DJ Theo Parris

DJ Wilhite  
 DJ Rick Wilhite

"Atlantis" Harris
Cornelius "Atlantis" Harris


DJ Mike Clark aka "Agent X"


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