DJ Juan Atkins, DJ Terrence Parker,
DJ Minx, DJ Marcellus "Malik" Pittman
DJ Rick Wilhite, DJ Mike Clark
DJ Theo Parrish
Cornelius "Atlantis" Harris,

October 21, 2006
Willkie Auditorium
DJ Theo Parrish

DJ Theo Parrish
"Love of the music should be the driving force of any producer, performer or DJ. Everything else stems from that core, that love. With that love, sampling can become a method of tasteful assembly, collage, as opposed to a creative crutch, plagiarism. Using this same understanding openly & respectfully, can turn DJing into spiritual participation. It can turn a few hours of selection into essential history, necessary listening through movement." This personal philosophy gives shape and direction to the distinctive sounds that are created by Theo Parrish.

Theo Parrish was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Chicago, IL where his passion for music developed. Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, George Gershwin, Bob Marley, as well as his uncle, jazz musician Dexter Sims, all had strong influences on Theo's early musical life. Chicago's radio influences and dance artists such as Ron Hardy, Larry Heard, Lil Louis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Gene Hunt, Mike Dunn, Frankie Knuckles, Walter Get Down Brown and Andre Hatchett, helped to spawn Mr. Parrish's early career. He began spinning and producing tracks in 1986, at the age of thirteen.

After graduating from the Academy for the Arts, he received a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute where his interest in music was taken to a new level through his study of sculpture. In 1994, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from KCAI with a concentration in Sound Sculpture, a form of orchestration using live instruments, looped recordings, the human voice, and numerous other sound generation devices. While in Kansas City, Theo continued to impact and be impacted by dance music, helping to bring a dormant underground music scene to life.

In 1994, Theo Parrish moved to Michigan where he became heavily involved in Detroit's underground music scene. Since his arrival, he has helped spawn a resurgence of dance classic selections among local DJ talents. An original resident of 'Better Days', Theo's sound has been called everything from spiritual to infectious. Unfortunately, the commercialization of 'Better Days' authored its disappearance. Following several dates with independent promoters, he gave an exceptional evening of soulful selections at the infamous Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Later, Theo started his own night, "Sessions" at The Rhythm Cafe. Finding the night to offer more stress than musical bliss, Theo has returned to the comforts of the studio. You can find his sounds being charted by DJs in Germany, London. Japan. Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Africa and numerous cities throughout North America. Producing music through his imprint Sound Signature, and delivering his unique and dynamic sets in venues throughout the Detroit and surrounding areas, as well as abroad he has gained the attention and respect of DJs, producers, listeners and dancers worldwide.
The conference has been partially funded by the College Arts and Humanities Institute with co-sponsors: the IU Departments of African and African American Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Communication and Culture, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, School of Journalism, African American Arts Institute, Foster International Living-Learning Center, RPS Academic Initiatives and Services, Foster Quad Community Council, and Foster Quad Student Government. Additional support has been provided by the record labels Sound Signature and Unirhythm, and the record outlet Vibes New & Rare Music.


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