DJ Juan Atkins, DJ Terrence Parker,
DJ Minx, DJ Marcellus "Malik" Pittman
DJ Rick Wilhite, DJ Mike Clark
DJ Theo Parrish
Cornelius "Atlantis" Harris,

October 21, 2006
Willkie Auditorium

DJ Rick Wilhite
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DJs will present performances on Fri. (Oct. 20) and Sat.(Oct. 21)evening at Second Story Night Club, located at 201 South College Avenue (corner of 4th and College), Bloomington, IN 47401. Details at http://www.secondstorynightclub.com/
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The conference has been partially funded by the College Arts and Humanities Institute with co-sponsors: the IU Departments of African and African American Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Communication and Culture, Folklore and Ethno-musicology, School of Journalism, African American Arts Institute, Foster International Living Learning Center, RPS Academic Initiatives and Services, Foster Quad Community Council, and Foster Quad Student Government. Additional support has been provided by the record labels Sound Signature and Unirhythm, and the record outlet Vibes New & Rare Music.
DJ Rick "the godson" Wilhite
Rick ”the Godson“ Wilhite has dedicated his life to the music industry; whatever one wishes to know about Wilhite is conveyed through his music.  His skill set includes DJ sets of R & B, Hip-Hop, Techno and Reggae but his “mojo” is House and Disco. A Detroit native, Rick learned at an early age that a career in music takes more than playing one’s favorite records. Multi-faceted crowd control, sound engineering and creative party promotion are what make him more than a Detroit DJ. With over two decades experience in playing clubs and parties 24-7, 365 makes the Godson one of Detroit’s best and most versatile DJ’s around. His venture to college in the south to Southern University allowed his skills to take the region to another level of Music.  His DJ styles of House, Techno, Rap and R&B helped change the black college music scene across America.  Beginning in high school, Wilhite also battled in contests against other well-respected DJ’s.  He still impresses audiences today, and retains his undefeated status in the DJ community.
A 19-year professional within the music industry, Wilhite adds Music Historian, Salesperson, and Promoter to his list of accomplishments. During the early 80’s Wilhite worked for Buy Rite Music, which was one of the premiere record stores in the Midwest. Buy-Right specialized in servicing the DJ as opposed to having the DJ serving himself.  During the early 90’s, he soon became one of the most sought-after music professionals in the industry. Equipped with a keen ear for quality music, he embarked on a path of self-proprietorship.  He opened The House of Music in downtown Detroit.  He currently owns and operates the record store, Vibes New and Rare Music.
Throughout his music career, Wilhite has performed for numerous international and stateside venues. He has gone by a host of names: DOC, Tech-12, Working Mixx, and most recently The Godson. Interestingly enough, each alias describes and symbolizes his relationship to his craft. He has established successful working relationships with city officials, journalists, and media personalities; and has befriended many music artists. Influenced by Detroit’s legendary pool of musicians, he entered production studios at the early age of eleven. He began remixing records in 1986 with the group NASA.  Additionally, Wilhite worked alongside many electronic music pioneers, such as Juan Atkins and Derrick May.  In recent years, Wilhite has established a bond with fellow musicians Marcellus Pittman, Kenny Dixon Jr. and Theo Parrish…now known as the 3 Chairs.
Partial discography:
*The Godson EP (12") (KDJ Records)
*The Soul Edge EP (12") (KDJ Records)
*What Do You See? (12") (Apricot Records)
*What Do You See? (12") (Filth Records)
*Can’t Stop Now (12) (Express Records)
*City Bar (Trackmode Records)
*Three Chairs (12’s LP) (Three Chairs Records, Sound Signature Records)
*Various releases THE ROTATING ASSEMBLY (Sound Signature Records)
*AOS 004 (12) (AOS/FHXE Records)
*Cosmic Jungle IN THE DARK October 8, 2006 ds)
*In the Dark IN THE DARK LP (Still Music)
*BOSMOS  (Still Music) (released June ’06)
*Got To Get Away (Deep in the box Remix GODSON & AOS) Philosophie Music (To be released September ’06)
*Ruby Nights DETROIT BEATDOWN LP (Third Ear Records)
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October 8, 2006