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The Archives of African American Music and Culture welcomes all Indiana University faculty, staff and students, as well as visiting researchers and the general public. Since the AAAMC is a closed-stack, non-circulating collection, materials are only available for use within the Reading Room during posted hours. We strongly encourage all researchers to contact AAAMC staff in advance of their visit in order to ensure access to desired materials.

Because the collection includes many unique and rare items, the following regulations apply to the use of all materials:

  1. All visitors are required to complete a Patron Registration Form, providing name, contact information, and research topic. A photo ID may also be required to use specific materials, including headphones.
  2. All requested materials are retrieved by AAAMC staff.  No items may be removed from the Reading Room. Selected published materials (CDs, DVDs, etc.) may be borrowed by IU teaching faculty for a 48 hour period, with prior approval of AAAMC staff.
  3. Coats, briefcases, backpacks, parcels, cameras, and recording devices are not permitted in the research area and must be left at the registration desk. Laptop computers may be brought into the AAAMC and used at the discretion of the AAAMC staff (computers may not be used to record, playback or duplicate archival materials).
  4. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Reading Room.
  5. No ink of any kind may be used in the Reading Room; use pencils only. Marking, erasing, or otherwise altering AAAMC materials is prohibited. Do not use adhesive- backed notes to mark pages.
  6. Patrons are asked to handle materials with clean hands; the staff will provide gloves to be worn when handling photographs and other fragile materials.
  7. All archival materials must be handled carefully and remain on the surface of the table. Archival materials circulate one box at a time. Please remove only one folder at a time and keep the papers and folders in their existing order. Do not lean or press on archival materials. Do not place open books or other bound volumes face down on the table.
  8. Persons requesting access to restricted materials must contact the person or agency imposing the restrictions. The AAAMC cannot permit access to these materials without written authority. Likewise, access to unprocessed collections is not permitted.
  9. Patrons agree not to publish any portion of the materials without the written permission of the AAAMC and the copyright holder. Please refer to Rights and Permissions for further information.

Archives of African American Music and Culture
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Last updated: 4 May, 2011

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