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National AAUP
From its inception in 1915, the AAUP has advocated for academic freedom and tenure. 

Standards of academic freedom and tenure built up by the AAUP over 80 years represent a body of persuasive professional opinion with high levels of organizational endorsement. 

The AAUP seeks to strengthen faculty governance, to provide fair procedures for resolving grievances, to promote the economic well-being of the faculty, and to advance the interests of higher education.

Bloomington Chapter
The Bloomington AAUP is active on many fronts.  Committee A on Academic Freedom advises and advocates for faculty colleagues and graduat students who believe their academic rights have been violated.  We have held discussions with state governmental leaders (such as Senator Vi Simpson, Representative Matt Pierce and Representative Peggy Welch) to provide a faculty voice on legislative issues facing higher education in the state. We also regularly work with an active state AAUP conference and with chapters at other IU campuses on issues of common concern.  And the chapter works constantly to strengthen and effectively employ faculty governance on the Bloomington campus and at the University level.

Through these and other actions, the Executive Committee of the IUB AAUP is trying to protect principles of academic freedom and shared governance at IUB.  Please join us.


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