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Here is a selection of integrative papers that reflect our goal of contributing new knowledge and ideas, especially in organismal and integrative science.



Selected Publications

Alberts, J. R. (1976). Olfactory contributions to behavioral development in rodents. In R. L. Doty (Ed.), Mammalian olfaction, reproductive processes, and behavior (pp. 67-93). New York: Academic Press.

Alberts, J. R. (1981). Ontogeny of olfaction: Reciprocal roles of sensation and behavior in the development of perception. In R. N. Aslin, J. R. Alberts & M. R. Petersen (Eds.), Development of perception: Psychobiological perspectives (Vol. 1, pp. 321-357). New York: Academic Press.

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Kojima, S., & Alberts, J. R. (2009). Maternal care can rapidly induce an odor-guided huddling preference in rat pups. Developmental Psychobiology, 51(1), 95-105.