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Regular Services at the ASC

For more information about specific types of assistance offered at the ASC, please click on the appropriate topic: math tutoring, writing tutoring, subject-specific tutoring (business, science, etc), or advising.

All three locations of the Academic Support Center offer a wide range of free services, including tutoring, advising, workshops, review sessions and other academic support. Because many of the services offered at the ASC are provided by existing organizations at IUB, there are links to other web pages to help provide more information. The following types of assistance are available on a walk-in basis every evening (Sunday-Thursday) at the ASCs in Briscoe, Forest and Teter:

  • For help in mathematics, there are graduate and undergraduate student staff to work with students in small group sessions. The emphasis is on introductory math courses: M014, M025, M118, M119, M120, and M211. Furthermore, assistance is also available in some upper-level courses and in Groups math classes such as J111, J112, and J113. NOTE: The Forest and Teter locations have been designated as the primary locations for help in upper-level math courses (M212 and higher).
  • The primary focus for the members of the Student Academic Center staff is to assist students with the development of study skills. The SAC staff can also work with students individually or in groups in a number of different disciplines, including introductory business, science and language courses. There is also Supplemental Instruction for intro-level mathematics courses available in the Briscoe and Teter residence centers.
  • Writing Tutorial Services helps students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to outlining to revising. Graduate and undergraduate peer tutors work one-on-one with students on writing assignments from all types of classes, with an emphasis on introductory-level courses. Students can choose to have either a half-hour session (25 minutes of tutoring) or an hour-long session (50 minutes of tutoring) at all three locations; students are only allowed one writing tutorial per ASC location per evening.
  • While they are available for appointments during the day, University Division Academic Advisors are also on hand in the early evenings (6:00-8:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday) in the Briscoe and Teter ASC locations to talk to students on a walk-in basis. Advisors assist students with course schedules, registration, drop/add, and they serve as useful sources of academic information. For Fall 2013, UD evening walk-in advising will be offered from 6-8 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Teter ASC location and from 6-8 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Briscoe ASC location.

Along with other computer labs in the residence halls, there are also small computer clusters in the main areas of all three locations for student academic use while in the center. The computers are maintained by University Information Technology Services (UITS).

Other departments and programs also use the ASC facilities and surrounding rooms to offer assistance; Groups tutoring, review sessions, group advising meetings, informational workshops and Supplemental Instruction for various math courses can all be found in/near the ASC locations over the course of the academic year. Please call the ASC in Briscoe at 855-6931, in Teter at 856-4457 or in Forest at 856-3060 or email us at for more information about specific times and courses.



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