Asian Culture Center

Welcome to the Asian Culture Center

More than 2,500 Asian and Asian Pacific American students attend Indiana University, bringing their diverse cultures and talents. Like other students, they face common challenges in adjusting to university life and finding friends with shared values and outlets for their energy and convictions. The Asian Culture Center serves IU's Asian community by providing a home for all students interested in Asian cultures.

In 1988, a group of IU Bloomington students began to share their vision of a student-based center to promote Asian culture on campus. Their vision inspired many students, faculty, and staff to work to create such a center over the next decade. In October 1998, the IU Asian Culture Center, the first of its kind in the Midwest, was established.

Today, the Asian Culture Center supports coalition building and unity among Asian and Asian American students, helping them to recognize their common interests and heritage and acting as a voice for their concerns. You'll find that the center is committed to listening to the needs of students; building an inclusive, supportive community that celebrates diversity; and advocating for students' needs and concerns.